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Tuesday 4 May 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday May 4th , 2021 from 1330 - 1500

It was a warm and sunny Autumn afternoon. It was still the team of three Johnny, Winnie and Hung to partner with God to share the Gospel in His strength and in His plan and Will. With this mindset as a servant of God or vessel to be used by God to channel the bottom-line blessing to people of all nations. It will free us from self-burden of not good enough for His work as God can use whatever broken vessel to do His job. So we will not feel incompetent when facing more than normal rejection on a certain day. We also will not feel too proud of ourselves with a lot of contact in a good smooth sailing day. It is all the work of God and glory be to Him alone. We just pray that God will move and call more people to join the street evangelism team to see His Name be made known to people of all Nations. Today, again all the three of us had a very good day of working with the Spirit. God even had moved a few people proclaiming to receive Christ right a way on the spot. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie.

1) A Big local Aussie boy was ok to chat but I just barely had enough time to share the nutshell of the gospel.

2) Joshua is a joyful guy from Rockhampton to attend UQ starting in July. He is sort of guy who likes to plan ahead. He is from a Christian family with a Grandfather priest of the Catholic Church. Yet his parent is not church going but he has limited knowledge of the Bible but far not enough to comprehend the salvation of God by grace through faith. My sharing helped clarify issues and bring him to the full understanding of our need as a sinner to accept Jesus as our saviour and Lord of life.

3) Corey and Josephine is a dating boy and girl friend from Townsville, They are also of Catholic background and are not church going. Neither of them have Assurance of salvation which was gladly clarified in depth before the bus came.

4) I spoke to a middle age lady from Beijing. I gained her trust by identifying with her home city with my past visiting experience. Once she lent an open ear to me then I switched quickly to gospel sharing which was appealing to her. Pray that this first seed of gospel will bear fruit in His time.北京大妞很友善去聆聽,也認同所分享的福音。

5) Paula is a local Aussie living at St Lucia of Catholic background. It was no surprise he does not have concept of salvation. Yet he reacted positively and genuinely toward the gospel message. Pray that he will receive Christ as his saviour through this divine encounter.

6) Harshih is a Malaysian big boy. He argued that if a machine went wrong, it is the problem of the manufacturer. Likewise, if human sin, it is the responsibility of the creator God. I responded that the maker God did make us perfect in His image, yet we have been given free will so we have to responsible for our sin. So I reiterated and established that we sin out of our free will so we are all subject to judgement and is due to be punished by eternal dead or separation from God. The only way out is let a perfect person take our place for the punishment of our sin which was done by Jesus as our redeemer and saviour. I pray that this apologetic exchange will gave that young man new light to reflect upon our own imperfect if not sinful character as a member of the fallen human races.

7) 紫菁 Chi JIn is from Quanzhou 廣州,she chose to speak in English with me despite she speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese. 說英語,the exchange of opinion was rational. She seems to have both rational but independent thinking as such she at the end was convinced that the gospel is logical, sensible and compassionate with divine love of God upon us. She actually was shared by Winnie in previous week, but did not use it as an excuse to turn down my approach for a conversation. 獨立思考, 救恩近了. Seemingly she is one more big step closer to the final stage of embracing Jesus' redemptive grace.

Battle Log of Winnie approaching 12 persons five of which are Christians but do not fully understand salvation. The others are non-believers.

感謝 神今天的帶领,讓我遇到十二人傳福音的機會。

有五位是基督徒,但不明白救恩。我解释给他們。相片中的兩位女士,Jefa & Janis , 都是基督徒。Jefa 願意將福音傳给别人及講了見証。

五位人士會想想宗教問题。印度人,Joe,是 信印度教,我和他講述印度疫症,及耶穌基督的救恩。他説會真的想想。

最后一位澳洲婦人,Arose ,會信靠主耶穌基督。



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