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Wednesday 16 June 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 from 1300-1500

What a glorious day of Street Evangelism augmented by God. Our prayer for more gospel warriors has been answered so prominently today that a team of three from the Rock Church nearby i.e. Pastor Shu He David Zhang, wife Zhen Zhen, and member Linda turned up to day. Meantime, Hai Yue the graduate of the 6th Online Kairos also came for the 2nd time on her rest day of the busy rooster duty schedule of an Intern Doctor of the Royal Brisbane Hospital. So together with Gary, Johnny and Hung, God has raised up a big team of 7 persons to serve and partner with God. We spread out to two spots, one being the foot of the pedestrian bridge outside the Pharmacy Warehouse and the other at the bus stop. Actually, Haiyue who arrived a bit late served without boundary but all over the place as God led her to get hold of people between the aforementioned two spots.

It was so obvious that the Spirit was with us all the time empowering all of us to get many divine appointments to share gospel to many people of different nationality. Most were first encounter but some were reunion with persons having a chat before for us to do follow up and giving away encouragement and blessing for them to get a step closer to receiving Christ.

1) Mr Zhou 周 from Mainland China 大陸 came to Australia to do primary school 小學 as such he is more or less a fully integrated Australian. He is now doing first year 大一 at QUT as such he appeared more open to gospel message than other Mainlanders. Thanks God I had enough time to share the full gospel before the bus came just falling short of a final wrap up to seek for his instant response. But God certainly will follow up on him through his apparent receptiveness to the gospel message.

2) Then I shared with two local Aussie young ladies. They look like the modern generation with stylist dress code. Yes , they also appeared very humble and a good listener. They also were able to respond and interact to show their understanding of the sinful human nature that we are all good but not perfect that still need the salvation of Jesus. So they left with a more positive indication to accept Jesus in God’s timing.

3) Then I had a long chat with a middle age lady from Hong Kong referred to me by Johnny. I share a bit of my background to identify with her as Hongkonger. But she has a lot of superstition biased mindset derived from Buddhism. 佛教,she refused to admit that she is a sinner but kept insisting she has done her best not to sin. And she certainly will be saved through cumulating her life account with good deeds. I challenged her with the analogy of speed fine to a good driver breaking no law for 10 year but would she be waived with the fine by a good past driving record. She could not argue but then turn irrational insisting that what she is practicing to gain credit by good deeds is the right way for her to conduct her life without regret or worry of eternal judgment by God. Despite of the unfavourable final response, I still have faith in God to soften her heart and turn around her bias mind one day.

4) Two elderly were not that positive to have a chat, but I still managed to share him the nutshell of the gospel before the bus came.

5) An old man seemingly from Shanghai 老上海 was very talkative but he held the stance that he will only believe in what he can see like Thomas in the NT time. 見才信. I used many analogies to tell him that in actual life situation, there are many instances that we just believe first before we see or understand the logic or functionality of some product/ device.

6) A Filipino old lady 菲老太 claimed to be a Catholic 天主教 Christian, but she has no knowledge of the Bible and no understanding of Jesus salvation passage. She just does not bother to understand why she is saved but just blindly adopted the label as Christian given to her by her family. Her heart and mind is as hard as many non-believers so I have to let go after doing my best to clarify the real meaning of being saved by grace through faith in Christ.,

7) Two English speaking Asian looking persons reluctantly took the tract and listened to the gospel for a short while before the bus arrived.

( 8 )Then at the end , I met Vienna a local Aussie and Colene a Vietnamese origin both are high school girl of the Sunnybank State High School. Actually, Vienna recognized me and smiled at me first. I took a while to recall and ascertain I chatted with her two weeks ago. She read the tract and have no reason to have objection to the gospel message. She anyway just uses the excuse that she is not a religious person as such there is not immediate urgency for her to make up her mind. But I shared with her that no human can have full control of our life like myself having got Bladder Cancer all at a sudden out of the blue. So, it is important to treat each day as out last day of our life and to make decision critical for securing our eternal life before we pass away. I guessed my sharing touched both of them and we parted by taking a group selfie so that I will recognize them next time we met if not in this world and hopefully will certainly be in heaven in eternity.

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