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Wednesday 23 June 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 23, 2021 from 1300 to 1500

Today our team was down back to the regular three , namely Johnny, Gary and Hung. Gary set up signs on both side of the road and he took position first on the Sunny Park East side of the bridge and Johnny & Hung worked together on the Sunnybank Plaza side at the bus stop with Gary joining us towards the ending hour of our ministry. It was a normal day with both rejections and some good chats with local Aussies, Korean, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese Australian born younger generations. We also met with Islamic people from East Africa, and Uygur of China and Hinduism people from India and Sri Lanka. So thanks and praise God to use us to be the light of the gentles of all nations. Recap below is my God led conversations.

1) Kalim is from an East African country he did want to disclose. He possibly is a Muslim but appeared very open to my sharing of the Gospel showing good receptiveness. He showed complete understanding of the Gospel and what Jesus did to die for us to take our place to receive the punishment of our sin. It would have been just a step away from receiving Jesus by grace through faith.

2) Helen a middle age lady from Shanghai and greeted me with warm smile claiming that she chatted with me a few month ago as such she fully recognized me. I then asked what was her result of reading the tract. She said she actually understood and in agreement with the gospel message that we all need Jesus to cleanse of our sins. Though she has not yet received Christ, she did attend church sporadically when she was in Sydney with her mum and brothers who are all church going Christians. After moving to Brisbane living near Garden City, she has been trying to look for a church. I recommended her to attend either the Sunnybank District Baptist Church or the South Side International Church both with a large Mandarin congregation with majority of members from China. She promised to make a move to join the church and let’s pray for her action of faith.

3) Kui kui is a student from Shanghai. He is an atheist rejecting to discuss anything about religion. But he still was willing to chat when I changed the approach to treat the Good Person question an a significant life issue, although he appeared very cool and emotionless while listening, God did soften his heart to follow the logic of the gospel message with no resentment. He finally took the tract when the bus came and pray for God’s continuous work on him.

4) Daniel a local Aussie who is Christian though not a church goer disguising as a non-Christian to hear what I was going to share with him. As soon as I knew he is a Christian, I posed the two diagnosis questions to check his assurance of salvation and he got it all right. So, he is a fair dinkum Christian but stopped going to church as a result of moving around for jobs. He admitted it is no good to not attend church and again I recommended both SDBC and SIC which he both had attended lately. I hope our long conversation would encourage and mobilize him to find a church for regular attendance.

5) Then I spoke to a Taiwan lady who appeared clam with not much emotional expression but politely listened to the gospel till the bus came. I could not be sure if she found the gospel appealing or not and I could leave it all to God.

6) Paul an Australian born Korean yet not a Christian. He has no religious view so again I share the Tract of “Are you a Good Person?” as an important life issue. He followed the logic and could not disagree with the assertion that we are all sinners that need Jesus as our saviour. Pray again for God’s follow up work.

7) Peter yet another Australian born Taiwanese. He actually had listened to our gospel sharing with other people around so he could give his responsive comment. Again, he could not argue the statement that we are all sinners needing Jesus as our Saviour. I asked him to read the tract and seek God’s revelation to guide his last step of faith to receive Christ as his personal Saviour.

( 8 ) Finally I approached a Uygur lady who answered me she is Chinese and was nominated to come to study as such she has a lot of constraint and restriction including not touching upon Christianity or other world religion. Despite of her outright rejection to hear the gospel, I still got a friendly short chat knowing above details about her but she still eventually chose to end the conversation and move away to avoid me. Pray that this unsuccessful approach still would bear God’s plan and will for that Islamic background young lady during her stay here in Australia.

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