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Tuesday 24 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Tooowng on 24/8/2021 Tuesday from 1330 to 1500.

It was a very windy day, but the three regular team mates Johnny, Winnie and Hung turned up as usual for our Tuesday outreach. All the three of us got chances of sharing gospel but of course with many more rejections. But we could see the grace of God was sufficient for us to ignore the negative feeling but focus on the seed sowing divine encounter. For me, I only have three good effective encounters but the one with Anthony was a rare long conversation with the clear work of God amongst us as elaborated below.

First, Ashinny an Indian blood Malaysian UQ girl. She of course is of Hindu background but appeared very receptive to the gospel treating it as a neutral option of faith. Actually she was approached before and read the tract at home. So I changed the tactics to ask if there is any area that she doesn't understand or disagrees with. She literally could not be more agreeable with the points we raised in the tract as well as the gospel message that we are all sinners that need Jesus to set us free from the bondage of our sin. After our chat she looked set a step closer to the conviction of the Christen faith.

Second, I approached Patrick who is an ABC whose parents was from Quanzhou 廣州,China. he is very open to the gospel unlike the mainland China students. It was a pity our conversation cut short by the arriving bus. He promised to read the tract and I prayed for another encounter in the near future.

Then God let me approach Anthony, an UQ PHD candidate specializing in Mathematics. He had initial hesitant to chat with me as he uses to consider religious chat is only sentimental making not much sense or have any logical thinking in it. But God opened up his heart and was attracted by what I shared staying for over 45 minutes, if not even around one hour at the costs of skipping several buses to remain into conversation with me. What interested him was not just the power of the gospel but my personal testimony showing how God transformed me from a self-centred and timid introvert person to a bold street evangelist through the many up and down of my life facing numerous trial and test and eventually leading me to accept the grace of Jesus Christ in 1990 in Manchester, UK where I did my Master of Information System at UMIST. Perhaps he saw the very similar path that I have gone through but eventually saved by grace through faith in Christ. As a logical minded scholar, it is hard to ask him to make a hasty decision to accept Christ, but God readily softened his heart that he indicated to me he will seriously going to a catholic church to continue his search for the redemptive grace of Jesus. He was so graceful for our chat and was happy to take a selfie with me. After we parted, I could see him reading the tract immediately before the bus arrived. Praise Ye to the Lord for his amazing grace upon Anthony.

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