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Tuesday 31 August 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday August 31, 2021 from 1330 – 1500

Today was the last day of Winter but the weather readily as warm as deep Spring. It was a pity Winnie could not join us because of the lingering threat of road blockage by the protesting truckie against Govt policy on lock down and compulsory vaccination. Thus, only Johnny and Hung served today as usual. With only the two of us, both were getting busier. Hung always gave Johnny the priority to approach people so Hung could take photo. It however did not reduce Hung chance of outreach. Recap below were the 11 occasions of Divine encounter.

1) A Local Aussie boy that I did not have time to get his name as I had to rush finishing the core message of the gospel before he boarded the bus. He appeared open to the gospel message. I trust the tract will help to path the possible next encounter here.

2) Another local Aussie boy when asked was not sure if he could go to heaven. The same problem happened that I could only manage to brief about the tract when the bus came.

3) It was good I spent most time with Lawrence a middle age local Aussie lady. She was very receptive and fed back to me that the gospel message all makes good sense. I encourage her to read the tract at home and digest the message asking the Spirit to guide her to face her true self and God to make her final step of faith to receive Christ which appear so very close already.

4) A local Aussie Mum with a baby in pram chased after the bus from a long distance away. I signed the bus driver to open the door to wait for her. Even though I had no chance to hand her a tract. But I believe this action love gesture would leave an imprint in the heart of that lady more ready for another divine encounter arranged by God.

5) Joseph was a Christian. But the diagnosis of his assurance of salvation only reached 99%. Even the bus had come, I still managed to make him aware of the fact that the work of Jesus dying for us taking our place to receive the punishment of our sin fencing off the hell of hire from consuming us is 100% effective. The 1 % uncertainty is from the evil on accusing us , particularly Christian to feel inferior and still not good enough to meet God’s ultimate standard of perfection missing out the understanding that it is also God’s plan to allow us a path to grow toward perfection learning from our mistake through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

6) Kate was an UQ student in purpose dress. It was her first time to hear about the gospel and amazingly she found it very sensible, logical and appealing. Praise and thanks for the openness and receptiveness of Kate that God will do the rest to get her closer and over the final step of faith in Christ.

7) Pilfer with her cute daughter Sharon initially took a tract from Johnny but did not show interest to chat as she had to tend for her 3 years old daughter. She took the tract actually thinking that her daughter would like the cartoon pictures on the tract. So, I picked up from there to volunteer to explain to her daughter but in effect talking to her. The conversation went well and again she found no point to negate or deny the relevance and sense making message of the Gospel. Pray for God’s redemptive work on the Mum and daughter despite she has many tattoo on her body suggesting she is of post-modern youngster deadly in need of sense of self existence.

8 ) A girl rejecting to chat initially but ended up still letting me share briefly before the bus came and took away a tract to read.

9) Vincent is an UQ student from Jei Jiang 浙冮, China who claimed that I had a chat with him before. I asked what did he find about the message of the tract , then he frankly said it was already a bit blur to remember. I took the time to go over the gospel again with him who listened attentively. I pray he will get the points clearer and better this time and we may have future chance for follow up.

10) An Indian Lady was on phone without my notice and still took a tract from me while she was listening on the phone. It must be a lead for a possible future unfinished chat liked what I just had with Vincent.

11) Then finally I approached and Asian girl in English having a brief chat before the bus came.

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