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Wednesday 1 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 1st, 2021 from 1300 – 1500

The First day of Spring signifies a new beginning for open air outreach. Queensland is still by far the safest State with zero cases for three consecutive days. We are looking forwards to further easing down of restriction but with or without mask, our street evangelism will still be carried out without and blockage. Today the Holy Spirit basically guided only Chinese speaking people for me while Gary and Johnny still had many cross-cultural outreaches. That is a proof that it is God’s own work as such will be carried out according to God’s agenda. Recap below were the divine encounters I got.

1) A couples from Shanghai China who have migrated to Australia for a long while. I jokingly said it was a divine appointment that we met finally after 20 odd years. Time did not allow me to share the full gospel to Mr Chao but I left him with tracts to read. 趙上海移民夫婦

2) Then I was recognized by a lady by the name of Leung who is member of the Kedron Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church. I chatted a while about their church pastor recruitment status and I attempted to do a diagnosis of the Assurance of Salvation but I did not have enough time for it. Basically, she has some mixed understandings that might need a bit of clarification. 梁美玉布粵不太清淅

3) Then I approached a Chinese lady who had rejected Johnny. But thanks God that she let me share even the full gospel before the bus come. 中女,曾拒絕,最後聽完整全福音

4) A woman from Quang chou, China recognized my accent as such volunteered to speak in Cantonese with me. She was open for a chat, but her mind was stereo typed that being a good person would be OK and she has never done any bad things. Can only pray to God to soften her heart. 廣州婦女,堅持做好人,沒做過壞事

5) Yvonne claimed she has had chatted with many of us and gave tribute for our faithfulness to share the gospel to non-believers. But she does not regards herself as Christian while accepting a triune God. It was a pity I did not have time to cross check her redemptive faith and assurance if salvation. 有神論,欣賞

6) Then I bumped into a group of Cantonese speaking women group of middle and elderly ages, It was hard to share the gospel with every one chatting with each other’s. I anyhow still managed to pass tracts to a couples of them and let God do the rest. 香港人婦女團體

7) Salina from One heart Church greeted Johnny again. I took over to ask about her church general status and tried to introduce Kairos to her. 合一教會

8 ) Then Allan Li cam to find us after his interview with the Terry White Pharmacy Shop. It was good he has the heart to come to render support to us.

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