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Wednesday 8 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday September 8th , 2021 from 1300- 1500

Today Gary, Johnny and Hung teamed up to do street outreach at the bus stop of the Sunnybank Plaza side. Ratio of outreach today was mainly Chinese being over 50%, I got conversation particularly with more than 4 Cantonese speakers from either Quanzhou or Hong Kong. Basically, we all had been kept occupied most of the time but with some gap for me and Johnny to have a chat of each other ministry.

Recap below were my personals Battle Log: -

1) Jobbie* a local Aussie girl who was receptive to the gospel. she is not a Christian but she can name Jesus as the key figure for granting us the redemptive grace. Pray for God's further work on her heart.

2) A Korean Christian girl quickly declared her faith status. I wasted no time to test her assurance of salvation which surprisingly is only 50%. I only have very short time to turn around her mis-conception.

3) Die heart Cantonese speaking ABC appeared quite open for a chat, but when we switched back to chat in English , he became more expressive to discard the existence of God and insisted being a good person is good enough. I could only lead him to self examine if he considers himself good and perfect that God may have nothing to discipline and lodge punishment. I only pray that God will one day wake him up to realize his real life status.

4) Chester a Muslim lady who was very polite asking me to wait for her to finish her phone talk. And when I was about to move on, she took the initiative to get into conversation to me. Despite she is a Muslim follower, she is quite tolerance to other religious and is of the will that following the teaching of respective religious faith to be a good person would be good enough for heaven. It at least being Good as a non-religious person is better than religious one but doing bag thing. It was a pity that time was up for me to explain good is not good enough unless we are prefect, otherwise we all face the issue of Judgement after death. She sincerely wished we can meet and chat in another time.

5) A PNG big guy appeared very friendly but I only have less that half a minutes to brief him the core message of the gospel.

6) A Christian lady attending Toowong answered my diagnosis question completely correct. 道旺姊妹百分百得夠確據,I further asked her despite we have 100% assurance of salvation, as a born again and redeemed Christian, we are still not yet perfect, how could it be able to harmonize with the ultimate requirement of God to demand us to be a perfect being as God is effect. 未完美,神仍因基督. Then I introduced to her the concept of three fold salvation that it was the holistic plan of God to grant us the assurance of salvation before we are perfect simply on the basis of Jesus 100% effective atoning grace to die for us paying for our sin. With this first step of deliverance setting us free from the bondage of sin and reconnecting back with God thru Jesus, God can trigger the current deliverance to transform us back to perfect through the work of the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to learn from our innocent mistakes. Then God will save us from mortal death by granting us a new body upon Jesus 2nd coming. The time for above explanation was too short and I pray that we can reconnect some time in future.

7) Then I connected with a young lady of Buddhism faith 佛教。When asked the question is being a good person alone is good enough for heaven, she immediately proudly said yes as she is exactly a very loving caring volunteer to help out the needy ones in the society.好事,未夠時間. It was a pity there was not enough time to elaborate further because of the arrival of the bus.

8 ) Then I connected with a Filipino woman who admitted she is a Catholic Christian but is now attending protestant Christian Church. I simply have no time to check her assurance of salvation.

9) The I bumped into the 4th Cantonese speaking people Mr. Chan 陳,from Hong Kong 香港,he is not a believer 非基,though attended Christian primary school 小基 having basic bible knowledge, he appeared receptive 接受 to the gospel message shared but need some time and space to ponder for his ultimate decision if he would accept Jesus as his Savior.


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