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Wednesday 15 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 15/9/2021 from 1300 – 1500

Today, only Johnny and Hung were available for the weekly street outreach in Sunnybank. The wind had subsided and the weather was fine. But it was a comparatively bad day, especially for me. We started at the normal favorite West side Bus Stop but faced many rejections if not complete ignorance. So Johnny decided to switched to the East side where we used to serve half a year ago. Johnny had more luck and I got a few chances. Overall speaking, it was a comparatively quiet day. Nevertheless, it was not without the plan and will of God to teach us to remain faithful and preserve through harder time.

Recap below were my divine encounters: -

1) Rejected or simply ignored by an Indian man. Not even willing to take a tract.

2) Had a comparatively long chat with an old lady who claimed having got our tract before. Surprisingly she agreed that we are not perfect. But the way to go to heaven is still by doing more good work to please the God heads from her Chinese ethnic religion 天道教point of view. She once rejected the idea of atoning grace that non one can take our place to receive eternal punishment. I agreed because no human being is perfect so no one can take the punishment for us. But Jesus is God incarnated as the perfect human being as such He has the capacity to die for us and take our place to receive the punishment of our sins. The bus came and I can only pray for God’s further work on this old lady.

3) Then I chatted with a Chinese guy whom Johnny chatted with him last time. He was pleased to let me refresh and reinforce the gospel message to him.

4) A local Aussie rejected to chat and declined to take a tract. But I was empowered by the Spirit to keep the conversation alive with the man listening. At the end, the Spirit softened his heart to take a tract from me.

5) A Judgmental religious extremist first argued with Johnny and after a while was picked up by me on the East side. He opined that there is no good persons in the world and we are all sinners. This is theologically correct though we still deemed ordinary person without committing and convictable crime a good person. He further pushed that no one can go to heaven unless you suffered with Christ which makes the salvation conditional on our work to suffer for Christ’s sake. His theology was all confused and his religious following is unclear.

6) A Chinese Christian girl who has 100% assurance of salvation faith.

7) Emily claimed she chatted with us year ago and got a tract. So, I did follow up chat to refresh her memory which she was in full agreement.

8 ) Hannah another Christian girl who have deep faith in God. But when asked about her assurance of salvation, she failed to show 100% and not able to explained why we are saved. But with a bit of explanation, she got the perfect understanding humbly at the end with great appreciation for our chat.

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