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Wednesday 22 September 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday Sept 22, 2021 From 1300 -1500

The windy weather died down today but a spiritual whirlwind sprouted up with spiritual warfare attack from all directions. It was reflected in the gospel targets we met. For Johnny, he had an apologetic exchange with a charismatic background Christian who happened to intrude into the mission field where Johnny and I were working at the Bus stop on the West side of the Sunnybank shopping complex. He was sensitive to the biased theology of the charismatic background Christian trying to show him that speaking in tongues is not a necessarily condition for some one to be saved. Yet this particular person even unknowingly exposed himself as some one who denied the efficacy of Jesus’ redemptive & atoning grace that more conditions must be met like speaking in tongues on top of what Eph 2:8-9 stated clearly that we are saved by grace through faith, it is not out of ourselves but it is the gift of God, and it is not out of our good deeds, so that no one will boast.

As for me I face a few spiritual attacks. First, while I was sharing the gospel to a young student, an English-speaking woman was watching besides us. Initially I thought she is a friend or guardian of this Local Aussie young boy. But actually, she is unrelated. She put up with my sharing with the young one for a moment but finally exploded with threatening word that I have no right to share gospel to this young boy. Of course, I did not check and possibly we all never did so to check the age of the gospel target. The boy himself was a very willing listener. He had very positive response to the gospel and even agreed with me that it is not about age or race that every one should need Jesus. He showed great receptiveness to accept Jesus as his saviour. Perhaps this agitated the dark side of this possible God hater lady to step up her intervention of our gospel conversation. At this time the bus came so we had anyway to end our conversation. So, I managed to take a photo of the back of the boy while he got on to the bus as a record of my battle log of our conversation. Yet in effect, that was not his bus so they stayed put at the bus stop. But that unhappy lady possibly spotted me taking photo of that young boy. She urged him to ask me to delete the photo. The young boy of course was pushed by that unrelated lady to check if I did take his photo. He actually was neutral to that and I of course made no argument but deleted the photo. Anyhow, I can only entrust this young boy to the hand of God to let the gospel seed still be planted and take positive effect despite of this spiritual Warfare attack.

Then God let me have a couples of good effective conversation with both a non-believer from Hongkong, then a Christian from Ghana which I will recap below. The second spiritual warfare attack came when I approached a Muslim from Africa. He cunningly played trick with me by asking me to give him $50 when I asked him the question if he considered himself a good person and has assurance to go to heaven because of his good deeds alone. Thanks God that the Holy Spirit signalled me right away that it was a trap. If I gave, he will laugh at me being stupid to give money to some one who may use it to buy drug. If I refused, he can blame you that I am not a good enough person to care for others need. So our gospel message is just lip service. I wasted no time to tell him if you do need help, I will not give you money but accompany you to buy whatever you need like a fast food meal or drink to satisfy your hunger. This Muslim guy of course could only laugh it off teasing himself to put up a test for me. He tried to down play the status and work of Jesus saying he was merely a good prophet after Mohamad who is the highest prophet for God. I then asked if he knew the reason Jesus had to come and what he had done for all human? He of course cannot deny the work of Jesus dying for all of us on the cross and went to hell defeating Satan, conquering the dark power of death, and taking the places of all sinners who are willing to repent and accept Jesus as their savour. I asked the Muslim guy did you object to this historical and biblical truth about Jesus and he said no. Then I asked him if Mohammad did likewise to provide an effective redemptive salvation with 100% atoning effect to us by dying for us. He of course say no. So I told him, I don’t care how and where you put Jesus as a prophet or not, if he is behind Mohammad but actually Jesus was born before Mohammad. I only need you agree and accept Jesus as the only Saviour for all sinners. The Holy Spirit had been working along side and had changed the attitude and manner of this initially arrogant man but softened his heart to at least having a rational and sensible dialogue with me. At the end, he seemed to have turned into a friend rather than a foe and took a selfie with me to signify the work of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God helping me to fence off wave after wave of Spiritual warfare attack from within and without.

Summarized are the main conversations I had today which was cut short because of all the spiritual warfare taking place.

1) A very aggressive English speaking woman interfering my gospel sharing with a young boy at the Bus stop as elaborated above.

2) Paul is from Hong Kong who has just graduated from Uni and is about to return to Hon Kong. 香港長談I asked him why he chose to go back while heap of people are trying to leave Hong Kong. It set off our very long conversation and thanks God the bus did not come too early to interrupt our conversation. I did not just share the gospel but my personal testimony of salvation showing that God has a plan for each and every one of us. He rationally agreed the gospel is rational and all sensible but he opined that, faith is not a matter of facts and rational thinking activity, it is a special conviction by the supreme being, or the Holy Spirit. He felt this moment has not yet arrived but he certainly will pay good attention to catch this special moment of faith. My testimony of spending 40 years to receive Christ is a good reference of the timing of God that it is always in His hand and I can only pray that it will come the sooner the better for Paul my fellow Hong Konger.

3) Victor is a Fair dinkum Christian from Ghana who quickly was diagnosed with 100% assurance of salvation. We had very good fellowship and discussion to ask why most Christians fail to have 100% assurance of salvation. It was possibly they don’t have a complete & full understanding of the three fold deliverance of God as per 2 Cor 1:10. It was a pity I did not have time to take a selfie with this very liked minded Christian.

4) Dim a Muslim from Africa or M.E., who tried to make fun of me and Christianity but turned out to become a friend submitting to admit Jesus is the only Saviour not Mohammad the greatest Prophet even placed ahead of Jesus. For details, please referred to sharing above.

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