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Tuesday 12 October 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday 12/11/2021 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God we had a team of three, Johnny, Winnie and Hung to serve at Toowong. God’s grace was sufficient that the street outreach was not obstructed by intermittent light dripping rain. We all had reasonable chances to share the Gospel with most being a short one but still with some longer ones that produced good fruit bearing feedback. Winnie might be having the most number of contact in terms of times and head counts as she did share with group of people in one go. Recap below are my gospel sharing battle log: -

1) Angelina a local Brisbane girl who quickly declared herself a Christian but appeared unclear about gospel and lack of 100% assurance of salvation. After going through the whole gospel message, she finally came to the correct understanding that as a sinner, she needed to face judgment after death. But as soon as she show a repentant heart to accept Jesus as her personal Saviour, letting Jesus to take her place to receive the eternal hell of fire punishment, she is granted back the heavenly citizenship right away by means of Jesus as her mediator. The work of Jesus is 1005 effective as such she should have 100% of assurance. She was thankful for this clarification.

2) Clarissa is a middle-aged local Aussie lady. She asked me bluntly why do we want to do this on the street and if we are paid to do so. She seemed to be an old fashion church goer as such she said should Christian be concentrating in serving inside their mother church, doing tithing and all other church programs rather than spending time on the street doing seemingly fruitless work. I clarified to her that I am a pastor but I did not choose to stay and wait inside my church but rather venture out to share the gospel to people of all nations which is the mandate ministry of every Christians not just limited to the pastor. She still found it beyond belief but was moved to take a tract to understand what is the message we desperately want to share to all people.

3) A young Chinese by the name Yang 楊 is actually an ABC, his parents were from Guangzhou 父母廣州 but they never brought him to attend any Chinese language class as such his preferred language was English. Initially he did not want to chat as he had taken a tract before and read it yet fi nd no inspiration. 拿過看過,But after I went through the whole gospel message with him , he turned all positive and receptive認同 to the concept of the gospel. He promised to seriously consider to take his step of faith to accept Jesus.

4) An Elderly Man was kind and nice to have a chat. Yet his bus came too early too quick but he still willingly took a track to read.

5) Lisa another local Aussie Christian girl who has 100% of assurance of salvation in response to q1. No time to cross check q2. Just pray that she is all good in term of full understanding of God’s salvation package described in 2 Cor 1:10.

6) Finneran an young Aussie girl. She is a non-believer but appeared very attentive and receptive to the gospel message. Pray that she will be moved to take the step of faith to receive Christ as her saviour.

Battle log if Winnie Choi


感謝 神今天的带领。Johnny, 關牧師及我(Winnie)在 Toowong 傳講福音及解释救恩。感恩 神恩待我,講12 次,18人聽到福音及救恩。

1. Diana, Annabelle, Jean, 三位基督徒,澳洲少女。不明白救恩,以為信了主,便可以上天堂。我解释给她們。

2. 澳洲青年,Joe 天主教徒。我解释天主教與基督教的分别及講解救恩。

3. Iris & Rebecca, 來自台湾 UQ 學生。講完福音,巴士到達。

4. 澳洲女學生,Rena. 會想想信仰問题。

5. 兩位澳洲少女,Maria & Jessica. 她們很專心聽我講的福音,會想想信仰問题。

6. Olivia, 澳洲少女,基督徒。不明白救恩,我解释给她。

7. 中國少女,初時不願意聽,我説 神愛世上每一個人。沒有回應,跟着我便傳福音给她,講完巴士到達。

8. 三位馬來西亞女士。Liana, Chang, Lora. 我與她們講及三一神。

9. Ella 澳洲少女,會想想基督信仰問题。

10. 中國少女,萍,不懂英語。我用普通话講述重要的福音给她。

11. 澳洲女士,Jane. 願意信靠主,找教會。

12. 澳洲青年,John. 以為信了主,便可以上天堂。我從新講解福音,信仰及救恩問题。

願 神带领今天聽到福音人仕,找到適合教會,永遠跟随主,依靠主。阿們!


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