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Wednesday 13 October 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Sunnybank on Wednesday 13/10/2021 from 1300 to 1500

Gary re-joined Johnny and Hung today at Sunnybank after spending time with family during the school holiday. He even came earlier to set up a new sign he made on the East side of the pedestrian bridge. Johnny and Hung joined him first in the East side for an opening prayer. Then we returned to the bus stop on the West side. Gary came over to join us for a while in the West side before he finished for the day. Basically, all of us had considerable number of chats with mixed result. After all, God reigned and the gospel message has been passed on to many non-believers and assurance of salvation be reinstated for many nominal Christians. Recap below are the battle log of Hung:

1) Young Aussie girl was too rush to stop for a chat. She anyway accepted my tract and listened for a short while the core of the gospel.

2) A catholic lady was also in a rush but she let me chat with her while we walk. She seemed to have good understanding of gospel knowing that it is by grace through faith in Jesus alone as her brother is a Catholic Priest.

3) Megan not Religious but have a good chat with a brief sharing of my personal testimony.

4) Then I chatted with a Chinese middle age lady who claimed to be a Buddhist. I identify with her that all religions are good but not good enough for us to earn our eternal life salvation by good deeds alone. She is a willing listener and agreed to read the tract and ponder on the gospel message shared to her. 中國中年婦女佛教,願聽

5) A group of people all with Tattoo came and I picked up one to chat. He tried to fence me off by claiming himself an atheist. I did not argue with him or tried to prove if God exist but simply shared the gospel with him. He appeared not settled to listen on as his friends are coming to meet. God anyway moved him to take a tract before they all left the bus stop. 紋身無神論,不願聊,但拿了單張

6) Mrs Liu another Mainlander but was humble to listen to the gospel until the bus came. 劉,大陸,客氣聽

7) Zag an aborigine man possibly with his mum. He tried to fence me of by declaring non-religious. But I could identify with him with my AMOS experience. We became more mutually acceptance when he told me his father is actually a Chinese from Hongkong core of the gospel Father is from Hong Kong. At the end, he heard the full Gospel before the bus arrived.

8 ) A Cambodia girl with excellent English and is studying at JMC Academy, a private college on communication and media. She was very friendly and talkative so I did not have enough time to finish the gospel but left her with the tract as the bus came just too fast.

9) Then God led me to have a long chat with Mrs Li from Hong Kong李太 , she came 30 years ago but returned to Hong Kong intermittently yet finally she returned to settle down in Australia again first in Sydney but then moved to Brisbane 1 year ago.香港三十年來去,God gave me time to finish the gospel message and went on to sharing my testimony and even my current status that I have peace despite of health issue.人生難料,信主才是萬全. She seemed to be greatly impressed with the joy and peace manifested in my life attitude.

10) Girl watch smart phone all the time and missed the chance to have a chat. 看手機不停,錯過

11) Emily a girl from Vietnam who appeared friendly despite she was interrupted by me from listening to music and went on with a very meaningful chat sharing the full gospel before the bus arrived.

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