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Tuesday 23 November 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong (Indooroopilly) on Tuesday Nov 23, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Johnny decided we should try to move our Gospel Outreach field from Toowong over to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. We assembled at Toowong and went in Motorcade. Unfortunately, the Bus stop we intended to go is still under the private land of the Shopping Centre Management. And we had to speak in loud voice in our conversation as such attracting unwanted abuse asking us to leave. After verifying with the police station there, we had to submit to rules and regulation so we wander off to find another open-air space in the back entrance of the shopping mall. There were much less people flow, but God’s grace was still sufficient to let all of us find our gospel conversation target. Johnny especially had 3 very good gospel conversation with two local Aussie and a girl from Taiwan. They all responded positively to the gospel.

During our open-air outreach time, there was rain drifting down, but our prayer was effective to have the rain withheld by God until we finished. Then torrential down pour started to pounder on us when we all were driving our way back home. God is always good and with us to sustain our outreach ministry.

Recap below was is the Battle Log of Hung:

1. I actually had faces consecutively three rejections at the bus stop before the Spirit led me to chat with an Indian boy. He was a willing listener, but the bus came very quick that I could only deliver to him the nutshell of the Gospel and the conclusion that no one , good and bad persons inclusive, can go to heaven unless one is perfect.

2. Lina was a Christian family girl having been baptised as a baby. While having her late lunch, she was very nice to let me share with her the full gospel which she had picked up nitty gritty before but never a complete message. Then I proceeded to test for her assurance of salvation which she cited that she only has 50% certainty she can go to heaven as she feels she is far from perfect. Then I asked her did she think Jesus ‘s work dying on the cross can serve only 50% effectiveness in saving us from the great death of punishment of our sin in hell. She then came to her sense ti should be 100% effective. I then guided her to understand God’s holistic salvation plan work in three folds that does not stop after we received Christ, (Eph 2:10; 2 Cor 1:10) which has in effect given us readily the lost heavenly citizenship 100% upon accepting Jesus as our saviour. But our life is yet to be transformed back to perfection through the work of the Holy Spirit and our willingness to work with God to do His mission of spreading the gospel to end of the world. So, in this transition period, we are bound to not yet perfect, but it won’t affect an Iota of the validity of the heavenly citizen given to us. On top of this, God further promised to make us a masterpiece life that is created first in Christ. During this journey of sanctification, which is biblically expressed as the righteous path we have to transverse in the strength of God, we may made mistake failing to the temptation of the world with Satan’s black hands behind. All we need to do is to admit our sin and go before the throne of God asking for mercy and forgiveness to right from wrong with the help of the Holy Spirit. I encouraged Lina to resume her journey of sanctification by attending church, bible study group and rebuilding personal relationship with God through a devotional life. She showed great appreciation for this chat and took a selfie with me to signify this divine encounter.

3. I approached an elderly Chinese by the name of Chang, he showed impatience to listen to the Gospel and ignored the questions for clarifying his understand of the gospel and if he has full assurance of salvation. I could only leaving him a tract and pray that God will follow up with him to open his lukewarm if not stone heart.

4. Then I approached a local Aussie lady taking a rest for a cigarette. She also showed impatience to chat claiming she is readily a Christian but without evidence as she simply declined to let me talk about Jesus with her. May God have mercy on her.

5. Colin and his girlfriend on the contrary show great receptiveness to welcome for a chat despite they dressed like two hippies, with ear and nose ring and face painting. Both took a tract and was ready to listen but God had another plan and another time for them as the car of their friend had just arrived to pick them up.

6. Then I faced another blunt rejection by a black lady who simply walked away to avoid me despite I still managed to give her a tract and the nutshell of the gospel.

7. Finally, I caught up with Nancy who appeared to be another post-modern atheist girl. But she was still polite enough to let me chat and share the gospel until her friend turned up to meet with her.

Battle Log of Winnie :

感謝 神今天的带领,讓我在 Indooroopilly Shopping Centre 外面,遇上九位人仕,分享福音及救恩。

第一及第二位,Bryan & Ann 澳洲少女,相片中。

第四位,Mitchell 澳洲少女。

第七位,Sherina 澳洲少女。相片中。

第九位,John 澳洲男士,相片中。





第五位,Carl,澳洲青年。在 David Jones 工作。在花園裏吃午餐,所以我有充足時間傳福音给他。他聽後,會想想基督的信仰。

第六位,Bree,澳洲少女,Office worker,相片中。她在燈前等候過馬路。我馬上傳福音给她,講完,燈轉綠,她要過馬路,她説會看單張。

第八位 Peter,相片中。相信他是𤞏太人,信𤞏太教的。他説要守戒律,不是每個人都可以上天堂。我説 现在是恩典時代,耶穌基督死在十字架上,付上我們的罪債,固此我們因信稱義。但他不赞成,講了很多反對理由。我們的説話,越講越分離。我只好説,願 神祝福你。便離開。


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