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Tuesday 30 November 2021

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Operation 513 battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday Nov 30, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

It was a rare rainy day street outreach at the bus stop. In theory, the impact should not be that great as we can preach the gospel under the cover of the bus stop. But in effect, there was much less people flow simply because of the rain deterring a lot of people to leave home for shopping etc. Anyway, God still provided us with the right number of people to minister to. I think I had the least number of chat as I always gave chance to Johnny and Winnie my two team mates to keep them fully occupied first. Recap below was my Battle Log.

1. First, I caught up with Ishina a pregnant woman from Bangladesh. She came to accompany her husband to do UQ study while herself run a Kiosk shop. She was very friendly and inviting for chat even we had approached her many times before. She even mistaken that we met last week but we actually were at Indooroopilly. I just spent time to know more about her but meantime, chipped in gospel message again to reinforce the idea that good person will go to hell like those bad guy as God’s requirement for Heaven is perfect. It was easy to get consensus with people of all races and all religions that we are good but far from perfect. So, it is logical to establish that as a good person, we still have to accountable for those imperfect elements of our life. Our conversation was also meant to be heard by another Aussie girl that Winnie had finished sharing the gospel as a measure of reinforcement. Ishina bid good bye when the bus arrived and said see us next week. So thanks God for being able to establish this sort of friendly relationship with Gospel targets for continuous follow up work.

2. Then I was led to chat with Yolanda an Aussie girl of Catholic background. But her foundation of faith was not biased or polluted by traditional Catholic wrong teaching. She has an active worshiping life style to know God and maintaining a close devotional relationship with God. When asked the diagnosed questions, she shared that she once also had doubt about her assurance of salivation as it was natural to feel inadequacy after conversion. But after positive and active Christian walk by faith through grace. She is now convinced that she has 100% assurance of salvation as it was all the work of Jesus. I followed up on checking her view point about those wrong Catholic old teaching that Mary was born perfect and without sin as such she was near God if not equal to God that deserves our worship and prayer. She is completely in disagreement with this view. I reinforced her understanding by citing why Jesus had to be born by Virgin birth and to show that Mary was just an ordinary woman yet elected to be the earthly mother of Jesus by God’s Sovereign power and plan. It was delighted to note that many contemporary Catholic are embracing Biblical truth despite they have not chosen to leave the Catholic camp. Actually, Yolanda did attend protestant church that is nearer to where she lives. It was just the factor of accustoming to childhood brought up that she once remained in the Catholic church, yet she has more Christian friends from the protestant camp than Catholic background people.

3. Then I caught u with Allan briefly, just in time for a brief sharing of the nutshell of the gospel before his bus arrived. He was very opened to gospel message.

4. Finally, I caught up with a very shy school boy lacking of confident to socialize. He initially did not want to chat using weak hearing as an excuse. I took some ice breaking measure to make him feel relax and then he anyway finished hearing the full gospel. After that, he told me he is a Christian, but did not want to tell me the name of his school and even his own name. I did not press on for this but tried to check if he has got assurance of salvation. He again did not feel comfortable to respond, so I simply explain to him what is assurance of salvation and why it is so important that all Christians should understand and be assured of this or else, it will give foot hole to Satan to give us a fatal attack, wavering out week foundation of faith in Christ.

Battle Log of Winnie :

30/11/21 Toowong

今天下雨,不是很多人搭巴士,加上很多人拒绝接受單張及聽福音,固此今天很清閒。感謝 神的帶領,雖然清閒,但 神都讓我遇到七人傳講福音的機會。





第五位,James ,年青人與他的朋友坐着等巴士。當我傳福音给他時,他已經半醉。他問吸毒,飲酒都可以信耶穌的嗎?我説可以,但一定要認罪悔改,戒除醉酒,吸毒。他咀咒耶穌,我説不能咀咒耶穌,祂是 神,不喜歡人咀咒祂的。我给他單張,叫他在等巴士期間來看看,我便離開。


第七位香港來的年青人,(華)。初時我們是英语交談的,他不願意聽。當我知道他是香港來的,我便用廣東話傳福音给他。我由 神創造萬物天地講起,亞當,夏娃犯罪,一代一代傳下來,我們在母腹中,已经開始是罪人。單張詳述甚麽是罪。神爱世人,祂犧牲獨生子,耶穌基督來到世上,死在十字架上,三天後復活。來拯救我們,付上我們的罪債。這是一份禮物,只要我們信靠祂,口裏承認。我們的罪得赦免。得永生。他聽後,會想想,及閲讀單張。

願 主带领今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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