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Tuesday 21 December 2021

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Dec 21, 2021 from 1330 to 1500

Today Johnny was away on vacation with family, so only Winnie and Hung were reporting duty on our roster Street gospel outreach ministry at Toowong. The weather was scorching hot as usual. It did affect the mood and temper of the gospel targets. They either hid under the shade in crowd that we can hardly break into them to have a chat, or they simply had no patience to get into any conversation. By God grace is always sufficient, both of us still managed to have many genuine and fruit bearing chat as recap below.

By the way, I want to make a statement here to all the audience of this face book post whether you know me or not. We are a group of dedicated born again Christians that care more for the command of Jesus to preach the gospel to end of the world or in effect to people of all Nations. So we certainly will grasp hold of any chances God opened for us and in the meantime within the rule of the Government body. Whenever the requirement to wear mask is back on, for all situation or for only specific conditions, we comply to it 100%. So, to day we wore masks all the time and most of our gospel target also wore masks because it is a mandatory requirement for people who are on the public transport or even waiting at the bus stop. But for the evening outreach at King George Square, on Dec 17 & 19, mask is not required as this is an outdoor environment. Not a single person wore mask at KGS the whole night. So please be rest assured we are professional street gospel outreach warriors. We submit to God’s calling showing no fear towards the threat of the so called “Virus” and in the meantime, we will abide with the rule set by the Qld Heath.

1. First a fat guy but just had time to hand out the tract with a brief 20 sec nutshell of the gospel telling the answer that no one can go to heaven unless you are perfect.

2. Pierce a French young guy ‘who is not a Christian but agreed fully and whole heartedly he needs Jesus.

3. Jack was a Christian, possibly of Catholic background only have 60% of assurance of salvation. I showed him the picture Jesus died on the cross for our sin and asked him did he think it is worthy of only 60% of Jesus work in giving us salvation by grace and eternal life, then he came to his sense and fully understood after I supplement the three-fold salvation as per 2 Cor 1:10.

4. Peter was another non believer but also showed overwhelming receptiveness towards gospel.

5. An Indian was on the phone and I waited patiently for him to finish with the phone conversation. But then he rudely rejected me with the excuse of keeping a social distance. According to Jesus, just shake off the dust of our shoes and let go of this stone heart waiting for another Chance in God’s timing.

6. Trisha the Bangladesh pregnant wife has built up good friendship with me despite she is an Hindu but readily showed receptiveness to the gospel shared with him in the pat weeks. She will be leaving for Sydney on 11/1/2021. She asked for prayers for her whole family as if she is a Christian already.

7. I met a die heart Mainland girl rejecting God and the Gospel.

8. Emma was one of the UQ girls I last caught up at the bus stop. She appreciated my cae to move her into the shade first before I started sharing the Gospel which was interrupted by the bus. But she happily took a tract and promised to read it seriously.

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