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Tuesday 4 January 2022

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Operation 513 Battle Log for Toowong on Tuesday January 4th , 2022 from 1330 – 1500

After just a week of rest for the last week of 2021, Winnie and Hung decided to resume our weekly outreach at Toowong in the beginning of 2020 as a gesture our steadfast commitment to put God first in doing His work to preach the Gospel to people of all Nations. The weather fluctuated drastically during our short ministry hours, with scorching sun burning hot the cement ground like a furnace at a moment, and a cosy shaded sky at another moment. The human flow was much less due to Uni terms break and the rapid growth of Omicron cases. Often time, only one person turned up as such I normally will let Winnie to handle it. Despite of all these, the evidences of God’s work through us were prominent. Recap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

I approached two ladies with one Aussie look and another Asian look. Nancy the Aussie Look girl said she got my tract before but I initially treated it as an excuse not to chat so I turned to the Asian girl whom I though is Chinese but I was wrong. When I shared the gospel to her using analogy of operation theatre that it has to be germless for the well fare sake of the patient, as if God is asking us to be perfect as the ultimate requirement to heaven, Nancy interject with a comment that perfection in God’s terms is we have to be sinless. I was overjoyed to hear that as she has really got and understood the message with the ability to add comment at the suitable time. Then the bus came and I pat on the shoulder of Nancy that now you can share what you have learnt from me to your Asian friend possibly a Korean girl.

Ricardo was an UQ student from Mexico who was indifferent to my approach for gospel sharing. But once I connected with him that my father was born in Mexico and I still have some relatives living in Mexico, then he turned 180 degrees appearing very receptive for a chat. Prise and thanks God I could have sufficiently long time to share about the salvation brought by Jesus and my own testimony. At the end, he was more than delighted to take a photo with me and promised to read the tract and ponder seriously the need to accept Jesus.

Trisha turned up while I was talking with Ricardo and waited for her turn to have our final conversation before she and her family relocate to Sydney next week. God makes us friend and she was impressed by our steadfast faith and commitment to share the good news. She seriously asked me to pray for herself a pregnant mum, her family, her husband and her young son.

Then I met up with Mr Tang鄧,from Guang Zhou廣州,so he is Cantonese speaking.粵 It was a pity the bus came almost right away that I can only leave with him the conclusion that no one can go to heaven unless you are perfect.

Finally I approached an Indian girl who politely indicated to me to wait until she finished her phone call. The Chance was thrashed by the arrival of the bus so all I can do was to hand her a tract.

4/1/2022, Toowong 感謝 神今天的带领,讓我遇到有澳洲人,中國人,香港人,印度人及斐濟群島女士。他們有的是基督徒,有的是未認識耶穌基督的。希望籍着 神的大能,讓我不配的口與他們今天的對話,使他們更加明白主的愛。感謝讚美主!

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