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Tuesday 22 February 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday 22/2/2022 from 1330 to 1500

Praise and thanks God that Bo Yun continued to turn up joining us against all odd as such we had a team of four for today Street outreach. I encourage Bu Yun 卜昀 to take Kairos as it is the most essential biblical discipleship driven cross cultural outreach training course giving you all the biblical basis to support day to day cross culture evangelism by all lay Christian. I encourage Bo Yun to make the step of faith to reach out with a belief that God will be with you when you make this step of faith.

When we got to the bus stop it was with a long queue lining up around the street corner. Each of us just randomly picked one in the queue to share. The queue however disappeared fairly quickly once the bus arrived one after the other. We got back to the normal status waiting at the bus stop to catch up with whoever coming for the bus. Rejection rate was above average high. But I assured Bo Yun, this is part of the training that God wants us to go through to do our best to outreach but prepare for the worse of a blunt rejection. Any better response is a bonus including polite rejection but you still can give it a go to make friend first. As I still needed to spend sometime to take care of our team members photo shot and sharing experience with Bo Yun, I relatively had less chats than normal which is recap as below: -

1. Sheaver, an Indonesia girl of 2nd year UQ student, appeared very open to have a chat on religious issue. She was in full agreement that being a good person is not good enough for heaven. She also has the concept of perfection of life without sin. I almost doubt she is a disguised Muslin by dress but a real Christian by heart. It was a pity I could not find out more her real religious affiliation and quickly summarized with her the core of the gospel that we all need Jesus to take away the punishment of our sin.

2. Alecia a local Aussie, who appeared a bit indifferent, but still let me share until the bus came.

3. Porches a Christian first handed a tract by Bo Yun. I though he was rejected but when I turned around to face her, she gave me a big smile behind the mask welcoming for a chat. So, I then found out she is a Christian and the result of diagnosis was good. She is a fair dinkum Christian with full assurance of salvation and knew it was all because of the redemptive grace of Jesu taking our place to receive the punishment of sin originally due on us. She is a fresh Uni year one student and she attends the Kingdom Church.

4. Then I caught with a Girl from Yang Zhou, China揚州.中國. She is fresh Uni year 1 student一年級.I got connected with her through my early age China exploration trip to area near her home town. She anyway also appeared open to the Gospel.

5. John a local Aussie rejected me initially but cannot reject me to approach him as a friend. So eventually I still could share the full gospel in a nutshell to him.

6. Then I caught up with a Caribbean Indian girl, she looked curious and friendly to have a chat with me. Full gospel was shared and she obviously was impressed by the word of God.

7. The I was rejected by a Muslim lady yet she still kept a friendly gesture to decline my second attempt to share and chat,

8. Finally, I was rejected bluntly by a Nigeria Muslim who did not even want to take a tract. Yet my sincerity to share the message I deem important softened him to listen to all I continue to share before the bus came.

Battle log of Winnie on 22/2/2022,at Toowong。

感謝 神的帶领,讓我今天遇上很多人傳福音,及解释救恩的機會。

1. 日本少女,Emily。

2. 澳洲少女。 Mimi,Joyce & Emmy。

3. 馬來西亞青年,Ryan。

4. 香港青年,Jacky。

5. 菲律宾少女,Lily。


6. 中國少女,May。初時不願意聽。當我問到她,在緊急意外發生時,妳大聲呼叫救命。没有

人聽到來救妳,妳會怎樣?如果妳信了主耶稣,聖靈住在妳心裏,你呼喊主耶穌基督,請祂來救妳,祂馬上來救妳。我由 神創造萬物天地開始講,因亞當和夏娃犯罪,一代代的罪傳到现在。跟着傳福音给她。她問,天堂在那裏?地上這麽多人,天堂能容纳得到嗎?人死了怎樣可以上到天堂。我説天堂在三層天。三度空間以外,大到不可想像。人死後靈魂便會離開身體,與耶穌一起在樂園。她聽後,會想想基督的信仰,巴士來到,不能再談。

7. 四位澳洲少女。Joyce & Emmy,是基督徒,解释救恩。Ella & Grenie,未信主,我講解福音给她們。

8. 中國少女,Jenny。初時不願意聽,當我問到她,如果有緊急事情發生,妳叫救命。没有人來救妳,妳會怎樣?我説如果妳信靠主耶稣,大聲呼喊主耶穌,請祂來救妳,祂馬上來救妳。跟着我想傳福音给她,可惜巴士到達,她要離開,她说會看單張。

9. 新西蘭少女,Angelina。當她聽完福音,她説會想想基督的信仰。

感謝 神的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,認罪,悔改,回轉歸向 神。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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