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Wednesday 9 March 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 9th, 2022 from 1300 to 1500

Hurrah, God moved and called a new blood to join me and Johnny, the Street outreach squad at Sunnybank. She is our new Pastor Amy Lin Yao. I did not push her to join me right away, even she has done the Kairos Course. She initially was not so sure if she can deliver her duty as the Pastor of CFC by joining me right away on the street. Because she must have observed that my Street gospel ministry have not brought too many additional members to the church. Yet, God finally enlightened and moved her to join me today at Sunnybank. It is after all one of the measures to outreach to people that God may lead us to meet with each other.

The weather is still warm but much better than yesterday which was scorching hot with hot wind. I briefed Amy in the beginning that at the bus stop situations, our gospel conversation will bound to be short and frequently interrupted by arriving bus. So, we must adjust ourself to share the core of the gospel in shortest time frame, and leave the result to God. But our God of humour gave Amy a special divine encounter with a senior man of atheist background. He was there actually waiting to meet with his wife to take bus home, but arrived a bit too early as such they chatted for almost an hour, which is very rare in this bus stop situations. God made use of Amy’s likeability gift to let the senior man felt at ease to share his heart out with Amy which in turn let Amy gained the opportunities later to share him the Gospel. The affinity or approachability character of Amy really give her an edge to approach even some difficult persons. In short, I could see God really handholding Amy to get adapted into this challenging Street Outreach ministry with a very good beginning. I pray that she will hold on steadfastly when God let hers encounter more reject and despise from some stone heart persons that will not intimated our drive but encouraged us to grow in faith by hop and bound.

On the other hand both Johnny and I had our fair shares to preach the gospel to many people of different nations. Recap below is my Battle Log: -

1. First, I approached an old Cantonese Couples 老廣東 from Hong Kong. They were not keen at religion but I rightly tell them it is a life and death issues more significant than any form of religion that everybody should take heed of it especially people like them and me whose days are numbered on this earth. I was able to carry on to share just the nutshell of the Gospel before the bus came.

2. 印度Ire a mature young Indian lady who appeared very friendly to chat about religions. After I rushed through the core of Gospel, she was impressed and promised to think deeply at home by reading the tract.

3. Then I caught up with Marty who claimed that I had spoken with him before at Toowong. He claimed he is a Christian but I nevertheless still went thru the nutshell of the gospel and test for his assurance of salvation which as expected , he failed. Thanked God I still have just enough time to clarify with him why eh should have 100% of assurance of salvation.

4. Tim is Australian born but his parents are from Gambia , West Africa. He appeared very confused with his own faith status claiming he flip flop between Catholic and Christianity. So unsurprisingly, he failed the test of 100% assurance of salvation. Again, just in time for a clarification before the bus came.

5. Ashin is a young Indian girl professing Hinduism. But again, like Ire, she appeared very opened mind to listening to sharing of the gospel. And she also admitted that the doctrine of save by grace through faith in Christ is sound and logical to accept.

6. Then I caught up with a Hongkonger couples who has just returned back from HKG to Australia in the capacity of an Aussie Citizen. They avoided attributing the return to the Hong Kong deteriorating social and economical status. Then the bus came and I could only left with the husband a tract. Pray that we may meet again here.

7. Two Christian Aussie girls let me shared with them the whole gospel as if they had not heard it before but then declared both are Christians after I finished. When I tested for their assurance of salvation, they utterly had no idea how to answer. So very apparently, they are the typical nominal Christians who have no assurance of salvation. I use all my force to clarify why but it seemed to have offended them by exposing their weakness or ignorance. Both left on the excuse they found out they are on a wrong bus stop that God did nothing wrong to bring them here for a chat with me.

8. Liu from China is a very rational mind young man from Mainland China but he also found the gospel sensible and logical despite of his atheist back ground. He promised to ponder taking a both rational decision but by faith to accept Jesus as his Saviour and Lord of his life.

9. Lastly, I caught up with another two girls from China coming here for study. They were polite to let me share though not with a real genuine interest. But God’s election was apparent to let them stop and listen until the bus came.

10. I almost missed out another Senior Hongkonger who initially pretending he did not under English or Chinese (Mandarin). But later on I found he is a Cantonese speaking person. He is totally non-interested in anything religious at all. But I just showed him the action love by helping him to find our the right bus stop for him to go to Garden City which is around the far corner on Zemina Street off Time Square. He found to too troublesome to go there so he changed his mind to go home directly. I anyway still earn his trust and was able to share the nutshell of the gospel to him.

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