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Wednesday 16 March 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday March 16, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Praise and thanks God Amy brought along Kally to join us today to get a taste of Street evangelism outreach which is by nature difficult if not impossible by us the unmerited people but by grace through faith, we could see the work of God through the Spirit to give us enough divine encounter appointment to chat and share about the gospel. Facing rejection is normal and a good practicum for us to identify with Jesus who also faced a lot of rejection at His time. It helps building steadfastness and perseverance in our renewed Christian walk. Today, God seems to have arrange a Malaysian day for me to have caught up with three Malaysian of three religion background, namely Muslim, Buddhism and Christian. Please read my Battle log as recap below: -

1. Monas, a Malaysian Muslim young man, who appeared very polite and quietly listened to my sharing of the Gospel. He said he has heard it before but have a big question mark why sin has to be punished but not simply being forgiven by the mercy of God. If so, God is not really merciful at all but must have someone be punished. It was a very good question that reflects the major difference between Christianity and all other religion. It was a pity I did not have time to explain as the bus came right at this moment. Only Christianity shows the two contrasting characters of God being the loving kindness aspect and the wrath of God against sin. To uphold his righteousness requirement, He cannot let sins unpunished. So God will hold every human being accountable for what we have done and the verdict is eternal punishment of dead or the wage of sin is death eternally. Yet the mercy of God reflects on his sacrificial love by sending His begotten son to die for us taking over the punishment of our sins on his shoulder to create the atoning effect. I pray that I can meet him again sometime in the not so long future.

2. Leo from mainl and大陸,immediately recognized me as we had a chat last week or not so long ago. I tried to refresh his memory on the message and test how well has he received this salvation package offered by God to him. It was a pity the bus came right at this moment.

3. An India Hindu lady by the name of Pratima was very polite and appeared very receptive to the full gospel message that she is willing to believe. I asked her to read the tract again at home and pray to God to guide her to make the last step of faith.

4. An Korean lady asked for directions to the city in exchange for the direction to heaven. She had already rendered a listening ear to me but the bus came at this critical moment to take her away.

5. Kevin the 2nd Malaysian of today who is from KL. Despite he and his family are of Buddhism background all their life, but he is able to keep a very open-minded attitude to appreciate the biblical truth.

6. Joy is the 3rd Malaysian I met today and she declared herself Christian but totally lack of Assurance of Salvation. I took the chance to explain to her the three-fold salvation package in the past, the presence and in the future and the full gospel of justification, Sanctification and glorification in the end.

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