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Thursday 17 March 2022

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It was encouraging to see Amy settling well with street outreach that she once  felt hesitant to join. She now even introduced her friend to come along to have a taste of working with God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray that it will bring a renewed understanding of God's Great Commission in a contemporary context of new mission land scape ""From Everywhere to Every where"that every lay Christian can have a go to reach out to people of all nations that God has already brought to our door step living with us in the same community. And we have an advantage of not needing to learn their language, but rather they have to integrate into the new host country by learning the local language there, which in Australia case, is English. 

While doing God's works under the call of Great Commission, we do not just spread the gospel to the end of the world meaning reaching out to each and every least reached people groups, we ourself in the meantime will be polish and nurture to grow in spirituality toward maturity and ultimately perfection as promised by God per Eph 4:10 making us a masterpiece of God's own workmanship. In the process, we will be made the light and salt of the world that is the motto of Operation 513 referring to Matt 5:13-15. May more people be drawn to grow this Christian outreach army.

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