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Tuesday 5 April 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday April 5th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was school holiday period, Kiateck could not join us as he needed to mind his daughter at home. So just the regular team of three Johnny , Winnie and Hung turned up for the regular Tuesday outreach after a break last week because of suspected Covic-19 close contact and heavy rain. Today it was all great sunshine and scorching heat in high noon, but our passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ was equally heated. All of us have almost non-stop conversation though many of them were short and interrupted pre-maturely by the quick arrival of bus. Nevertheless, we still trusted in God that all divine encounter whether long or short, gospel shared full or partial, the work of the Holy Spirit will keep pursuing and nurturing all seeds of gospel to bear fruit at the most opportune time as Will by God. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie respectively.

Hung’s Battle log

1. Michael 2nd year UQ student from England, open to the gospel and respond positively.

2. Matt was a local Aussie but not a student. Yet he was a willing listener and appeared receptive to the gospel.

3. Jack, a Postgraduate of UQ and another willing listener with my testimony being shared first about my good work of joining the Sichuan earth quake disaster relief in 2008 as a student of Master of Counselling. It led up to the conclusion that even with good work like me, I could not earn salvation as the good deed can never be able to off set sin in my heart and my life,

4. Old Aussie Christian lady with 99% assurance of faith to go to heaven. So unfortunately, she still fell short of full understanding of the redemptive grace of Jesus that have 100% atonement power to deliver us form eternal death punishment. Just a pity no time to clarify her wrong concept.

5. Noel a Chinese UQ student but was English speaking who claimed to have chatted with us before and took the tract. Before I can test his feedback after reading the tract, the arriving bus again cut short our conversation.

6. An English-speaking Chinese girl appeared too arrogant to listen. I nevertheless still finish sharing the full gospel to her.

7. An Indonesia young lady who came in 2020 was open for a chat. It seemed that God has moved many Indonesians to pursue Christ in the campus. So this lady was very receptive to the Gospel.

8. Sam a UQ student from Canada who was receptive to the gospel.

9. Arnold from China but received Christ here in Brisbane now attending the hope church. Upon testing of his faith, he only has 80% assurance of salvation for heaven. Quick clarification was done before the bus came.

Battle log of Winnie

5/4/22 Toowong

感謝 神的帶领,讓我今天遇上很多青年人分享福音及解释救恩的機會。

1. 新加坡來的少女,Alice。當我傳福音给她後,她説,會想想基督的信仰。

2. 兩位澳洲少女,Lily & Jane,相片中。當我講完福音及見證後,她們願意悔改,信靠耶稣基督。找教會尋求更多真理。

3. 中國青年,Alan,基督徒。不明白救恩,我解释给他,講完巴士來到。

4. 印尼少女,Emily。她母親是基督徒。她以為母親是基督徒,她就是基督徒。我問她有去教會参加主日崇拜及查經,有受洗歸入基督名下嗎?她説没有。我對她説,你母親信主,得救。是她應得的,與你無關。我由亞當,夏娃犯罪的结果,罪性便一代代傳留到我們。所以當我們來到世上,我們已经是罪人。我給她單張看看,甚麽是罪。你一定要悔改,口裏承認耶稣基督是你的救世主,你才可以得救。耶稣基督為救贖我們,死在十字架上,三天後復活。祂背付我們的罪債。只要我們信靠祂,罪得赦免,你便可以得救。她聽後,願意悔改,信靠耶稣,跟母親反教會。

5. 中國少女,Sue。當她聽完福音後,願意悔改信靠主,找教會尋求更多真理。

6. 一位澳洲女士,眼睛看不清楚的。不想聽福音。我説,我們是罪人,解释甚麽是罪。當信靠主耶穌,罪得赦免,得永生。她説不想再聽,我便離開。

7. 中國廣州來的少女,May。當我講完福音,她説,會看單張,想清楚基督的信仰。

8. 香港少女,Jenny。講了幾句福音,巴士來到,不能再講。

9. 中國少女,Anne。初時不願意聽,我和她閒談大學生活,跟着帶入福音以及講及我生命被 神的改變。她很留心聽,直到巴士來到。她説會看單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

10. 澳洲青年男女,Shane & Brave,基督徒。


11. 中國少女,Rose。我也是閒談先,才帶入福音。她聽後,说,會閲讀單張及想清楚基督的信仰。

感謝 神今天的带领。願所有聽到福音的人仕,找到適合他們的教會。阿們!感謝讚美主!


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