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Wednesday 6 April 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 6th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today only Johnny and Hung teamed up to resume street outreach. Both Gary and Amy Yao were not available due to school holiday that they had to look after their kids. Despite with lesser manpower, God still bless the ministry in many ways. First, Sunnybank is by far the best environmentally sound venue sheltered by large tree with good shade from the scorching sun. Second, the human flow at the bus stop under the tree shade is constantly steady, as such both of us had incessant chance to approach people though of course with mixed result. In our mind, whether strict rejection, initial reluctance, half heartedly chat or fully open-minded conversation with good interaction, they are all divine encounter planned by God with long terms effect and God’s sovereign election for some to be moved and touched to receive Christ eventually. So, we simply just make our step of action faith to reach out people of all nations by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with or without immediate results. It is more so, an important part of God’s training for those who are submissive to work with God to do His good work that may eventually lead to prominent growth in the spirituality of their lives. Recap below is the battle log of Hung : -

1. First approached an English lady who is a Christian and has 100 % assurance of salvation, yet running short to time to check the reason.

2. Second approach to a lady was declined.

3. Next approach to two good friends of which one is a Korean girl and the other is an Aussie girl. The both declared they are Christians and the Korean girl even confirmed she has 100% assurance of salvation but not because of Christ yet giving credit to their religious practice. What a big faulty teaching in salvation it is. Unfortunately, no time to clarify as their bus came.

4. Then encountered another unwilling Vietnamese who declined to chat but took a tract.

5. John and Robert are twin brothers still studying in high school. One managed to listen to my gospel sharing though half-heartedly while the one chose to stay away from the conversation. The one finished listening to my gospel sharing remain a polite manner to thanks for the conversation.

6. John a Korean migrant to Australia agreed good person should be able to go to heaven. Just only had time to clarify that nobody can unless one is perfect.

7. A Chinese young lady from Dong Kun 東莞, Fu Shan , China by the named of Shing 成女士initially declined to chat with the excuse that she is a Buddhist佛. I kept a friendship 友好building tactic to assert that all religion are good but only good at teaching people to be a good person yet failing to address the issue of sin. Finally also just have barely enough time to share the nutshell of Gospel.

8. Another Mainlander 大陸who was willing to have a chat but just barely enough for a nutshell of the gospel. 願聽.僅夠時間

9. Rejected by a Chinese male who simply walked away to avoid me. 中男拒絕

10. Then I met up with Mr Liao 廖 originally from Quandong 廣東,but migrated to PNG then to Australia for 30 years. He is a Catholic Christian天主教,not surprisingly he does not have assurance of salvation but the quick arriving bus deprived him an opportunity for a clarification.

11. Avoided by another Mainlander.中女士廻避

12. Approached a Chinese male with family of wife and daughter. His bus arrived right away but I still managed to pass him a tract which he delightfully accepted. 中男士一家三口拿單張

13. Another Filipino Catholic adult whose name is Christian, Yet again he does not have full assurance but just 80% certainty of Salvation. He attribute those 80% not to Christ but to his good religious practice which is utterly wrong. Just had time to rectify his concept wit ha conclusion.

14. Callie a tall young Aussie deemed that Good Person is a subjective definition and there is no objective answer if a good person can go to heaven. I build on his opinion to share the gospel that he found it sensible and logical.

15. Finally, I approached an Aussie lady who was opened for a chat, yet the bus came too quick to cut the conversation short.

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