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Wednesday 13 April 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday April 13th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Because of School Holiday, both Gary and Amy Yao could not come because they both have children and family to look after. So, only Johnny and Hung teamed up as usual. The people flow is comparatively great here at the Sunnybank Bus station, it is both an advantage and disadvantage of open-air street outreach. As a result , we had numerous conversation but most of them were short being interrupted by the frequent arrival of bus. Yet, we still believe, God can make use of our steadfast outreach action faith to trigger continuous deliverance plan and process for all who have been elected by God for receiving His predestine blessings. Recap below are my Battle Log : -

1. A Vietnamese Chinese Diaspora man越南華僑 took initiative to greet me that led me to think that we had met before. Actually, it was not the case. I waited no time to share the gospel to him but still I failed to beat the quick arriving bus so I could only trust God and rely on the tract that I handed out to that man.

2. Filipino lady was a reluctant listener, but I still just manage to share with her the nutshell of the gospel.

3. Then I have an interesting conversation with a young fashionable man from mainland China by his post-modern hair dressing style. He is not yet a believers but was very open for discussion on religion. He actually appeared well versed in Bible story as such he had good interaction with me on the gospel and doctrine of salvation. Again out conversation cut short by the quick arriving bus. 中囯少年, 博學多聞,開放認同

4. A NZ young woman with Chinese look but is English speaking. She was very open to gospel but I could only manage to share the core message because of quick arriving bus.

5. Joseph a mature man from PNG. Actually, he is a fair dinkum Christian with 100% assurance of salvation. I found out later Johnny had several conversation with him before. He took a selfie with me in appreciation of what we are doing for the Lord.

6. I was able to catch up with another Chinese mature man but our conversation was cut short by the quick arriving bus.中國大叔可以聊

7. Then I chatted with two Singaporean QUT students both named Brian and Brian. They are non-believers but were both open for conversation on gospel. They both were convinced Christianity is the right way for all imperfect persons to be redeemed to reconcile with God.

8. Joe a fall-back Christian from Hong Kong who shared all the reasons while he does not attend church after coming to Australia first because of Uni study, then job commitment and finally marriage and care for family. He was with the Tsim Sha Tsui Chiu Zhou Life Church which should be a good denominational church with sound biblical teaching尖潮人生命堂生活學習疏離教會,yet his understanding of salvation is incomplete and has no assurance of salvation. But he was moved to reactivate his church life but a pity that I cannot leave him with my contact no.

9. Frank, an English speaking Malaysian man though a bit introvert but appeared quite open and receptive to the gospel.

10. I was rejected by a lady from Mainland China mistaken me as a sale person.中國不要推銷?

11. I caught up with a couple of brother and sister from Tianjin.天津.姊弟,願聊 the sister was more open for conversation. And the nutshell of gospel only was shared.

12. I caught up with another English speaking Malaysian lady from Ipoh馬華,we could only have a short causal chat but not yet have chance to share gospel with the quick arriving bu.

13. Roy a builder worker rejected me to share the gospel with him, but Spirit moved me to identify with him with the same political ideology as such I still can sneak in the gospel issue to prove that there is no perfect government and also no perfect citizens that eventually we all need redemption by Jesus.

14. Then I caught with Mr Chu from Nanjing. 朱南京聊天拿單張 We click because of my experience of visiting Nanjing in 1974 before China was open for free tourism. Again time was not enough so he just grab a tract and hope for a future reunion.

15. Julian is a fair dinkum Christian who listen to my sharing of the full Gospel and can answer my two diagnostic questions correctly.

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