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Tuesday 3 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 3rd, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Today Johnny re-joined us after his combined mission trip to Tasmania & Holiday break in Sydney both with his wife Mary. He shared a bit more about his mission outreach at Launceston and Burnie for mixed same culture evangelism and cross culture outreach of which the latter is still a remote concept of most Chinese Churches. I was a good afternoon for outreach with some long and meaning conversations by some of our team mates conveying both the truth of the gospel and the cares for the emotional and spiritual need of the gospel target. Winnie had an over half an hour chat with a sad local Aussie lady whose husband is very sick and is being hospitalized for possibly his last journey of his earthly life. Winnie comfort the lady and encouraged her to seek peace and joy from the Lord Jesus Christ. As for me, I had a comparatively busy day having more short but significant conversations as recap below: -

1. An UQ girl from Jiangsu, 江蘇China was happy to affiliate with me because of my rare and precious traveling experience to her home town in 1974. She was opened to listen to the gospel sharing but it was cut short by the bus so just pray that the tract will serve the seed sowing purpose.

2. Then I caught up with Mark reeves about his well being during the flooding saga few weeks ago. He thanked God for protection and provision and is now back to normal with a relaxed mood to go hiking last week ends. He has been our back-to-back prayer supporter for our Toowong Ministry.

3. A Chinese face Filipino just pretended he did not hear my voice in order to avoid me. At the end, he was successful to avoid all of out despite I asked Winnie to have a go but she could not make it. So, It is all by the Grace and Will of God.

4. Next, I approached a student from Chin. He was brain washed to refuse learning anything apart from his Uni Course. I still managed to share him the nutshell of the Gospel. 中囯生.被洗腦只關注學業,仍有分享

5. Then I caught up with Rebecca a local Aussie girl. Shew is a non-believer but she was very opened and very receptive to the gospel message shared. I even had time to share my life testimony once helping out Sichuan earth quake disaster Relief that even such good works won’t earn me any merit for heaven, which was only by grace through faith in Jesus self-sacrificing acts dying n the cross for us all the sinners.

6. A Chinese girl passively received the tract and heard the nutshell of the gospel.

7. An Aussie boy just had time to take a tract with a concluding alert message that being a good person still is not good enough to earn us the admission to heaven.

8. An Aussie girl called Asiah who was a good listener and was very receptive to the Gospel message.

9. Then God led me to have a long conversation with a young man by the name of Chiang蔣 from China中國,he admitted he has heard the gospel before but still not impressed enough to pursue. 曾經聴,今天更全面了解But after my comprehensive Gospel sharing encompassing the three fold salvation , he felt the vague concept had all been explained and clarified so he admitted he is in a better position to make his last step of faith accepting Jesus at his personal quiet time.

10. Seemed to be a Chinese girl not good at English still I managed to share her the nutshells of the Gospel.

11. Finally, A 君阿俊 Ah Jin from Quangxi廣西, also listened to the full gospel message and rational mindedly, he found the gospel sensible and logical but still not fully moved yet to accept Jesus.

Battle log of Winnie:


感謝 神的帶領,今天讓我遇上一位澳洲女士,其他的都是亞洲青年男女。

1. 中國青年,Roy & Steve。他們初時不想聽,不信任何宗教。我説,無論你們有否宗教信仰,死後都有審判。Steve 想聽聽。我便詳细講述福音给他們。他們聽後,Steve 願意信靠主,找教會。Roy 须要時間想清楚。

2. 中國少女,Amy。没有興趣聽福音。我説,每人都有一死,死後會有審判。我問她 為何亞洲地方很多靈異出没?她想知道,于是我詳细講述福音给她,及説,耶稣基督在天家預備很多地方给基督徒。如果你信了主,當我們死後,便可以在那裏得安息,永遠與主一起。她聽後,她説會想清楚基督的信仰。

3. 馬來西亞青年 Tai。天主教背景的基督徒,解释救恩。

4. 中國青年 Peter,當我講完福音给他,他説會想清楚基督的信仰。

5. 中國青年,不願留下名字,不願意聽。我给他單張,還説了幾句話便離開。我説無論你有否宗教信仰,每個人死後,都有審判。信靠主耶稣,得永生。

6. 中國少女,在等巴士的時候,忙于温習功課。我也不想打擾她,所以我给她單張及講了幾句重要的福音便離開。我説, 神爱世人,甚至將祂的獨生子賜给我們。叫一切信祂的,不至滅亡,反得永生。约3:16。

7. 澳洲女士,Sandra。我見她查看巴士時間,回來坐位時,行動不穩定。我問她是否非常疲倦。她説是的。因为忙于探望她的丈夫(Rob),及預備他的飲食。他现在非常疲弱。我問她信了主嗎?她説小時有到主日學,因为看到親戚朋友一個,一個的去世,她便離開主。我解释给她,他們離開世上,一早已有 神的安排,可能這樣會比较適合他們。我們不知道 神的計劃,我問她願意我為Rob 及妳禱告嗎?她説非常好。我為他們禱告後,我説首先要 Rob 信主,無論他前面的路怎様,我現在有牧師在這裏,可以安排他到醫院為他洗禮。她説Rob现在不想見其他人。我説你盡量勸他。我説願意悔改信主受洗,便可以上天家。你願意信主嗎?我問她,她説願意。我説夫妻信主後,將來便可以在天家見面。巴士來到,我説,每週二下午1:30,我都會來這裏傳福音,你們決定怎樣,到時通知我。願 神祝福妳!

8. 香港少女 Vicky & Clare。我與她們閒談一會便引入福音,她們很尊心聽我講的福音,可惜講完,巴士到達。她們趕着上巴士,不能問及她們是否願意信靠主。

9. 馬來西亞少女,Else。當她聽完福音後,她説會想清楚基督的信仰。

感謝 神的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,悔改,信靠主耶穌基督。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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