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Tuesday 10 May 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 10th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Today forecast was originally 95% with rain, but by grace we still had a good and dried period for our street ministry. Again Johnny, Winnie and Hung teamed up to serve. Winnie was not well on Sunday but thanks God that she had recovered good enough for today ministry without the threat of catching cold again if there was rain as forecasted.

The general responses were not good, all of us faced many rejections. But again, by grace of the Lord, the Holy Spirit did work to turn around the hearts of several initially stone hearts persons to end up listening to the full gospel and even engaging into meaningful Q & A about the Christian faith and Bible difficult passage. Meantime, God also used our outreach platform to minister to practical needs of an UQ students having suffered from the flood with lingering aftermath. God is good and Good is gracious to those who love Him. Recap below are the Battle Logs of Hung and Winnie:

1. Approached a Lady with the Gospel half Preached when her bus arrived.

2. Approached a Taiwanese couples, yet they showed great reluctance even to have a casual chat and the bus also arrived very quickly ending our conversation.

3. Approached an Aussie girl who listened but not really receptive and refused to take the tract and even not willing to tell me her name. Nevertheless the full gospel was shared.

4. Two English speaking boys also declined my approach for a chat, had to give up after a second trial.

5. Approached Jesse and another girl who left to answer a phone. So only Jesse was left for the gospel and she showed willingness to listen to the full gospel with good sign of receptiveness.

6. Then I approached Ellen a Malaysian Indian who initially refused the invitation to chat by Johnny. The Spirit moved me to have a go though she still showed initial reluctant to chat but the Spirit moved both me to stay and her to soften her stand and ending up letting me to have shared the full gospel to her. She is of Muslim background, but she at the end still found the gospel rational and logical to comprehend.

7. Approached an Indian mum and his adolescence son. The son took my tract and seemed willing to listen. But the mum rejected especially their bus came at this time.

8. Finally approached Harsh an Indian lady. Again, she showed initial reluctance to chat but finally I finished sharing her the full gospel.

Battle Log of Winnie:

10/5/22 ,Toowong 。

感謝 神!今天天陰,但没有下雨。很多人都不願意聽福音,站立到遠遠來等巴士。在我未分享在Toowong 傳福音之前,我想要分享在三日前的一見證 神的大能。

在週六早上起來,很精神,行動自如。于是禱告,唱詩歌讚美 神及閲讀聖經。跟着吃早餐,及練習週日教會須要唱的詩歌。週三南港福音堂邀请我週日去助唱,我知道母親節,黄金教會下午不须要練習,所以我也藉此機會來探望他們,因为很久没有到他們的教會。當我練習完詩歌,起來準備做運動的時候,站不起來。背后腰部非常痛,行路都要彎着身子。于是取藥膏來塗,及吃止痛药。坐下懇切的禱告,求 神憐憫醫治,及饒恕我隱而未現的過錯。週日可以讓我出席侍奉。整日我不停的塗藥膏,及按時吃止痛药。週日早上起來,還有少許痛。我照往時一樣,靈修後,吃早餐。當我塗藥膏及吃止痛药後,我便回教會。當我在教會侍奉,行路的時候,完全没有痛楚,可以企直,正常人一様。下午又回去南港侍奉。感謝 神!真的是今天不知道明天将如何!我們的衣食住行,完全在 神的手中。感謝讚美主!

感謝 神的带领,讓我今天遇上六位年青人分享福音及解释救恩的機會。

1. 香港少女,UQ 學生,胡嘉希。當她聽完我講的福音及三日前我的見證,她願意悔改,信靠主,找教會尋求更多真理。

2. 香港青年,UQ 學生,Sirus。當他聽完我講的福音及見證。他也是願意悔改,信靠主。他知道 St. Louise 有一間基督教會。相信是陳佳德牧師那間。他説會去教會尋求更多真理。

3. 澳洲少女,Jessy。她曾经聽過朋友傳佛教给她。我解释基督信仰及佛教的分别。别的教派,佛像是人手所造,教人向善,但是没有永生,而且是你去找它。基督信仰,是三一神。聖父,聖子及聖靈。神創造萬物天地,因为亞當和夏娃反罪,罪便一代一代傳留下至今。天父願意棄牲祂的獨生子,耶穌基督,死在十字架上來拯救我們。祂死後,埋葬,三天後復活,现在坐着父神的右邊。因为血不流,罪不得赦免。如果我們悔改,承認自己是罪人,不能自救,信靠祂的兒子,耶稣基督為救世主。我們的罪便可赦免。這是一份禮物,任何人都可以拿取的。還有死後有審判,不信的會滅亡,信者得救,得永生的盼望。她聽完後,説,會認真的想想基督信仰。

4. 澳洲少女,Elisabeth,基督徒。我解释救恩,及講述我的見證。

5. 澳洲青年,Liam。基督徒。我解释救恩及講我的見證。

6. 香港來的林姊妹,基督徒。我解释救恩。

感謝 神的帶领,讓我今天有健康的身體,可以順利傳福音。願今天聽到福音人仕,悔改,信靠耶稣基督為救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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