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Tuesday 14 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May June 14th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

The cold weather has eased up a bit but still not ideal for open air outreach. Johnny, Winnie and Hung teamed up for another day of cross-cultural street evangelism. Today, God led us to reconnect with many people who had heard the gospel and took the tract before. Thanks God most of them did seriously read the tract and got the message correctly. Another characteristic of today out reach is giving us many apologetic opportunities to share the Gospel to Mormon and Muslim people. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) Kevin from China中國, claimed he was approached before and got the tract. I asked if he had read it and got the message, he said yes. And after my diagnosis verification, he did understand and got the message correctly. I just blessed him and prayed for him to make his decision in God’s predestined time.

2) Another Local Aussie managed to avoid faith issue, although I tried to carry on with the gospel sharing but it was just cut short letting me only sharing the basic of the core gospel message.

3) Scot initially declined to have any more chat as he was not in the mood to talk. I asked anyway did he read the tract and draw conclusion from the tract. He said yes and upon checking, I was able to confirm he knew the conclusion just not yet in God’s timing to make the action faith decision.

4) Locus also told me he got the tract and understand the issue. Upon verification, he did show good understanding of the gospel but still appeared receptive to my revision talk to reinforce his understanding giving him a boost to make the last step of fait to receive Christ.

5) Then I approached a fat guy who showed impatience to hear the gospel though I still managed to share the basic or the chore of the gospel message.

6) Tailor is a half Japanese Aussie. He initially declined the approach by Johnny. The Spirit gave me inspiration to ask if he is a cross breed person with Chinese blood. But he said he is half Japanese. Then it opened up the chat box letting me identify with him about Japanese culture. And eventually, I could share him the full gospel.

7) Emily is a local Aussie girl and was very submissive and attentive to listen to the Gospel. Her interest in bible message invited me to share further with her about the creation account.

8 ) Then I approached a local Aussie with a Japanese tattoo as he is a fan of the Japanese culture. It was a pity that our gospel sharing was interrupted by an incoming call.

9) Then I caught up with another Christian who anyhow has no assurance of salvation. I clarified it with him.

10) Then I approached a Korean girl who surprisingly is not a Christian and don’t believe in heaven or hell or God. So, I can only drop the conversation without pressuring her to hear it.

11) The I talked to John who opined that good person can go to heaven. I shared him the gospel and explained why good person still cannot go to heaven.

12) Finally, an Atheist chemist worker was friendly to have causal chat including answering my question about the name and logo of her job which she happily answered my query. Yet when I tried to carry on with the Gospel, she bluntly declined.

Battle log of Winnie:


感謝 神赐美好天氣给我們團隊,不是太冷或太熱,讓我們今天可以顺利傳福音。

1. 中國蒙苦來的青年,Henry,兩週前曾经傳福音给他。所以他説不須要再講了,我問他,決定了信主嗎?他説還在考慮。我説,今天不知道明天會有甚麽事情發生,把握時間信主,得福的是你。巴士來到,不能再談。

2. 中國青年,閒談了幾句,轉入福音。但是講了一半,巴士到達。

3. 中國少女,Maria。當我講完福音,巴士來到。

4. 香港來的胡小姐,閒談了幾句,带入福音。講完,巴士到達。

5. 澳洲青年,Jeffry。因为以前曾经有朋友發生意外去世。所以他不相信任何宗教。當我傳講福音給他後,神感動他。我與他講及了很多基督信仰問题。死後會到那裏和靈魂問题。可惜巴士到達,不能詳談所有他想知道的問题。

6. 澳洲青年,Adam,他是穆斯林。我解释基督信仰是三一神。三個位格做不同的工作。耶稣基督也是神,為救贖我們脱離罪,死在十字架上,三天後復活。聖靈住在我們心裏,指示我們的對與錯和應走的路。巴士到,不能再談。

7. 菲律宾少女,Christina。她是羅馬天主教徒。我講述基督信仰是三一神。

8. 澳洲女士,Mather。當我傳講完福音给她後,她説接受我所講的,但是需要時間想清楚。

9. 中國青年,Bill。當他聽完福音後,他説須要認真的想清楚。

10. 台湾青年,Chang。講完福音,巴士來到。

11. 澳洲少女,Rachael。嬰孩時曾经洗禮。我説嬰孩不明白洗禮意義,是父母主意,讓她洗禮的。當她長大後,完全明白,可以作第二次的洗。

12. 新加坡少女,Mandy。當她聽完福音後,她説會想清楚基督信仰。

感謝 神的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,悔改,信靠耶稣基督為救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

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