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Wednesday 15 June 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 15th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

The temperature climbed up back a bit making it warmer and best for open air outreach. Today, Gary could not come because of Kid’s illness. So Just Johnny, Amy and Hung were available for this regular Wednesday afternoon outreach. Thanks God that all of us had been kept quite busy without much lapse time in between but we still could back each other up and took some valuable pictures for our Battle log journal. Basically, it was a great day that we could have very meaningful chat with some non-believers with rare unique background such as Judaism, Buddhism and Atheism. God also led us to reconnect with people we had one or several chats before to do follow up refreshment sharing. They all worked well together to have achieved the Will and Plan of God for all those approached gospel targets helping them to move one step closer to their eternal faith and salvation. Amy was able also to get personal connection that may lead to coming to join our church service in the near future. Recap below is the Battle log of Hung: -

1 ) For Hung, the first target is Michael a Jewish non-believer scholar, yet very fond of studying the Bible in original Hebrew language. He however was brainwashed with many anti-Christ slogan by the biased attitude of the Judaism Jews against Jesus as the fake messiah. He shared a prom version about Jesus birth that Mary was actually raped by the Roman soldier to then giving birth to Jesus as virgin birth was completely beyond the comprehension of their human knowledge. I drew his attention to Gen 3:15 about the dual mags plan Kingdom and redemption projects, prophesizing that a descendent of woman will kick off the dual project defeating Satan and redeeming all repentant sinners through the incarnation as a perfect human by virgin birth. Mark was fascinated by the early stage prophesy and felt shameful to withdraw his half joking claim that Jesus was born as a baby conceived by Mary by being raped. I moved on to illustrate how the Bible should be read on light of God’s mission handbook by the two temple cleansing accounts. He was overwhelmed by all these new interpretations of Biblical accounts but had to leave with an aroused desire to listen on.

2 ) Then I approached a Vietnamese nurse student but she showed very passive attitude toward the Bible and faith issue though she was still listening not wholeheartedly.

3 ) Julian a Filipino Christian originally of Catholic background but was converted to Protestant Christianity. She was very faithful and pious in seeking biblical truth. Yet she failed the most fundamental on not having full assurance of salvation. With a concise apologetic sharing, she came to her sense that because of the efficacy of Jesus’ work dying for us then we should have 100% of assurance of salvation. She was greatly pleased by this enlightenment and was willing to take selfie with me to show her appreciation.

4 ) I was so glad to have met a Hing Konger Mr HU also a Christian now meeting at Toowong Baptist. 胡道旺,I shared a bit about the Chinese Church history in Brisbane and pray for another divine encounter. 分享教會歷史

5 ) Three Japanese girls that Amy tried to approached but declined by them as they were into a group conversation amongst themselves. I anyhow had a go to interrupted them affirming they were really Japanese as such I greeted them in Japanese. Of course, it helped to remove the social distance between them but it was too late as the bus jsut arrived at this moment. I anyhow handed to one of them the tract.

6 ) A Chinese couples from Shanghai appeared a bits initial reluctance to chat when Amy first approached them. I anyway made a second attempted and was successful to share the gospel to the wife. She claimed she got the tract before and indicate no interest as they are Buddhism followers. I made use of this lead that all religions are good at guiding people to be a good person but failed to address sin. Message was passed on but the lady was interrupted by a friend call and it ended our conversation. 中國夫蹄。上海,拿過單張,再講福音

7 ) Salina an Indian young lady but showed deep interests in listening to the gospel wearing a big smile all the times. She was receptive to the gospel but the bus arrived just when I finished the sharing. Pray for God's own follow up work.

8 ) Sammy was the person that Terresa was moved to lead her into a conversation prayer. Sammy actually recognized me as I had a long chat with her two weeks ago and I have left a deep impression by her reaction to the gospel as well as by her name which is same as a Christian singer. Despite the eagerness of Teresa, she is still not ready to make a firm conversion though she is very close to making the last step of faith but actually just not yet. I assured her that it is right to be prudent in making this important decision of her life time and pray that she will make up her mind without reservation next time we meet. But today, it was a great chat that she missed two times her bus to let our conversation last for a longer time.

9 ) Mark a Malaysian Christian but he disclosed to me very late as such I only shared him the full gospel without checking out his assurance of salvation.

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