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Wednesday 21 December 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday Dec 21st, 2022 from 1400 – 1500

Today, I did my regular Street outreach by myself. I have to keep up with the habit to do weekly outreach to keep my spirit high ready for a mission trip to Turkey early next year in January. It will be a highly unstructured sort of random outreach by the lead of the Spirit, somewhat similar to the street outreach I am doing right now in Australia but with even higher uncertainty of the whereabout and who the Spirit will lead us to approach in a 100% strange place. The only refuge and fortress is God Himself. It was still a very interesting outreach experience for today as recap below: -

1) Rita from PNG, I used the Peace Child story of Don Richardson to attract her interest. She though born in PNG but has not heard about the tribal fighting legend story. The PNG tribes Don was serving is a cannibalistic tribe. They however welcome western white people living amongst them to elevate their status. Two neighbouring tribes fight for Don's presence in their tribes to the extent that Don threatened to leave them for a new place. Finally, the two constantly fighting tribes reached a peace treaty by sending one of their new born baby child to become hostage of the enemy tribes as such peace would prevail as long as the Peace Child is well and alive. Don Richardson realized this custom of the two enemy tribes can be used as a metaphor to Jesus Christ who was send to become a Peace Child to the human world which have effectively fallen as a enemy of God because of our sinning against God and against each other’s. Rita was amazed to hear about this PNG legendary story and understood more about the role of Jesus coming to die for our sins to save us from eternal death punishment.

2) Japanese Alluvia has already migrated to Australia with his parents, but his mindset is still of oriental Buddhist spirit looking forwards to find peace in life by reaching harmony with the environment. I anyway shared the full gospel to him which he admitted not having heard about it before. So, pray that the seed of Gospel will change this westernized Japanese’s mindset to understand the atoning grace of Jesus dying for our sins.

3) Then I caught up with Rita from Taiwan who was very interactive in the course of gospel sharing. After hearing the gospel, she asked if a murderer will also be saved after he had killed many people and was sentenced the capital punishment. ???????? I made us of the famous case of Chen Jin Shin, who exactly committed series of great crime of robbery, rape and murders. But after he was caught and visited by Christians including his last hostage being the ambassador of South Africa, he received Christ through their forgiving love especially the younger daughter who drew picture to ask for God forgiveness be granted to Chen while she was held hostages. It was a perfect case to illustrate the power of Christ atoning death to set us free from the bondage of sin.

4) Rejected bluntly by a lady from the Mainland ??????

5) Yet God let me catch up another lady from Hong Kong who was willing to listen, though the bus cam a bit too quick.?????

6) Last, I had a long conversation as well with Mr Zhou ??from Xian???apart from sharing the full Gospel, ?????, I was able to share my life testimony ??? to demonstrate the life changing power to a self-righteous person like me.

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