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Monday 20 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday March 21st, 2023 from 1330 – 1500

The Toowong Outreach outpost has lately been turned into the harvest field for Mainland Chinese. Almost 80 % of people we outreached here are from Mainland China. And over 90 % of them are opened and responsive, if not receptive to the gospel. Such change and softening of the Chinese hearts is obviously induced by the sovereign power of God through the Holy Spirit that makes everything happening lately in China work together to bring awakening to the younger year 2000 generation -who have now come by flock to overseas. It will be better to have more gospel workers out there as the bus schedule is very frequent at Toowong. The average time for a chat is from 2minutes to 5 minutes. Pray for more workers be called to cope with the increased opportunities. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) Chris from Singapore was brought up from Christian family but is no more a Christian. I stressed wit him that what important is for him to understanding the core meaning of gospel that we as sinner all need the salvation of Jesus. We should not be distracted by corrupted human nature, inclusive of Christians. But Chris seemed to have lost his trust in human and religions because of bad Christian witnesses.

2) Lin from Guangzhou recognized me and switched to Cantonese. I followed up on her result of pondering on the message of he tract. She said the tract makes all sense, except why one person has to sacrifice for us. I clarified not any random person but a perfect person that actually do not exist now in the world. It can only be the son of God Jesus Christ himself to incarnate as a perfect person, as the atonement can only be effective by a perfect person. I am still an imperfect person lie every human in the world so we are all not qualified but Jesus. More so he did it willingly and wilfully according to His plan as such this is the only life line, we can get to redeem us from the bondage of sin. She nodded to show her understanding as well as appreciation and I look forwards to meeting her again next week, if God's Willing.

3) A Germany guy moved from Singapore after half a year study to now UQ. Again, he once was a Christian but has left the church for a long time. I appeal him to revisit the meaning of Gospel and how would it impact our eternal status to be with God or to be condemned in hell. He thanked for my advice and pray that I will meet him again for follow up next week.

4) Then I was led to start chatting with all Chinese Mainlander from thence on. The first is Ms Su from Jie Jiang ??(possibly Hangzhou) She came in February belonging to the new influx after the cancelation of Zero policy as such a newest generation baptized by the white paper revolution. She showed genuine interest in the gospel and willing to ponder receiving Christ.

5) Then I was led to chat with a big guy by the name Yang? from Hangzhou?. He has come for a year already but still show openness and receptiveness to he Gospel message. He was most interested to the story about the Story Bridge, an example good work and charity could not waive punishment of Crime committed.

6) Then came the first stone heart girl who rejected both I and Winnie for a Chat or even not taking a tract.

7) A tall guy who was the third one from Jie Jiang Hangzhou ????and came after the zero policy was scrapped. He claimed he took our tract before so I tried to follow up on his though about the gospel message. It was a pity the arriving bus cut short our conversation.

8 ) A girl in black who was Huang ? from Shenzhen ??and originally from Zhuhai ??as such a Cantonese speaking girl. She was not only open and responsive but has a high ability of self-reflection admitting herself not perfect if not a sinner. She agreed she needs the salvation of Jesus. Pray for the continuing moving work of the Holy Spirit to bring Huang to Christ.

9) The I met another Lady Huang? from Fuzhou ??. She is also the white paper new generation as such appeared very open and receptive to Gospel.

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Toowong Team (QLD)

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