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Wednesday 22 March 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 22/3/2023 from 1300-1500

It was another day lately that I time and again did the Sunnybank Outreach solo. By the grace of God, I got all the four chats that lasted over 15 to 30 minutes. And all of them are Chinese with 3 from mainland and one from Hong Kong. God is turning the tide to bring in more Chinese people for our street outreach.

1) David Kong is actually a friend from mainland China who share the same vision on standing up for democracy. He himself follows the Tibet Buddhism though he is very friendly to people of all religion including me as a Christian pastor. He also came to help out the church before it is sold to Life City Church. Both of us have the 6th sense to meet each other today. It proved spot on and we met at the door step of the Chemist Warehouse. He got injured during work but he got no work compensation as he is only a employee by contract. Now he relies on the Government to subsidy his medical expenses for the on-the-job injury. He is planning to find a remote or outback place to lead a new simple life. I appealed again to him as an old friend that to me, recognizing the fallen nature of human character that called for the atonement salvation of Jesus is the prime most important target for him. I took best use of this divine appointment to recount the core of the gospel message and appeal him to come to our church on Sunday as long as he is free.

2) Li from Beijing 4 years ago to study at QUT was willing to chat even about religious issue. He also shared my observation that Mainlanders are more open and receptive to gospel message to be shared to them in public especially those youngster generation that have experienced the white paper revolution upholding righteousness and basic human right.

3) The Spirit also led me to meet Ms Kong from Hong Kong that I have chatted many time before. This time, I was led to share a full long version of my testimony of receiving Christ. Pray that she will be moved to surrender to accept Christ in His time.

4)Then the Holy Spirit made the bus schedule for 598 encountering a major delay as such it gave me a longer period of over 30 minutes to share with Madam Chen from Shanghai again my full testimony. As she chatted with at least two co-workers before and have got the gospel tract. So, I changed the approach to recount my personal testimony likened as my amazing grace and amazing way. She was impressed to notice that an ordinary person like me can become a servant of God with apostolic compassion to contribute to the Bottom-line blessing to people of all nations.

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