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Wednesday 10 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 10/5/2023 from 1300-1500

Amy's son Joshua got place for Prep on fortnightly basis as such she could join me today for the Sunnybank outreach. God was amazing enough to let her connect with a Nepal couple who had met before months ago. Edy the man was more eager to catch up and could tell the key message of Jesus dying for us to take our place for the sin punishment. He showed great desire to learn more about God as such he asked for the Gospel of John booklet for him to read. His girlfriend was less eager but better this time joining the chat all along instead of retracting to watch smartphone. Pray for God's mighty power to bring Edy to make the final steady of faith. As for me, it was a mixed result day with willing listener and overt rejectors. God grace was enough to let me bring across the message in either case as per Battle Log recap below: -

1) Korean girl, not quite receptive using poor English level as an excuse. I still endeavour to finish the full gospel in simple terms and trusted God that the message conveyed will still bear fruit in His time.

2) Then I caught up with a North-eastern Mainlander lady ????who bore with me for a short while to check out what I was going to share. Despite of stone heart, I still managed to pass on the message that being a good person alone is not good enough for heaven. God's ultimate standard is perfection. As long as we are not perfect with blemish in our corrupted human character, we all need the redemptive grace of Jesus. Finally, she still declined ?? to listen on after I finished with the nutshell of the gospel.

3) By grace, I finally met the second Christian Brother Lui ?receiving Christ at his home town in Shandong. ?? No wonder he was open and bold enough to share about the contemporary regions persecution issues in China. Upon checking his assurance of salvation, he failed the test claiming he only has 80 % certainty to go to heaven. ??? And he was delighted after clarification that he should have 100% assurance of salvation that ready got the gift of eternal life or the heavenly citizen the moment he accepted Jesus. And he knew now it is the beginning or the starting point for his life to be transformed back to perfection again by the 2nd stage of deliverance throughout our earthly life. When Jesus comes for the 2nd time, we all will be made perfect like a masterpiece created by God in Christ.

4) Then I was led to approach a middle aged woman from Hong Kong . She is an accompanying mum to look after her sons to do high school in Westend South bank area.?????She claimed to be a Buddhist??, but I explained to her that even the Budda deemed himself a sinner needing a saviour to raise him from the death.

5) Then I was led to chat with two ladies from HongKong???. One claimed to be a Taoist ??follower one claimed to be a Christian. ??? The Taoist girl showed much less interest to chat on this life issues but the Christian girl gave me all he encouragement to carry on. So the full Gospel was shared before the bus arrived. The Christian girl took a tract and promised to chat with her friend later on. Praise the Lord.

6) Met again Madam Li ???of the Sacred Music Choir. Took the chance to briefly revised her understanding of faith. ??

7) Claire a Brazilian atheist once was a Christian and is still with a Christian background Family. I asserted that she has the right to assume there is no God which is also beyond my ability to prove it exists otherwise although I personally could relate to God and experience His ever and ready presence to work with & through me. But I shared with her the oneness and unity of the Bible that have His dual projects readily prophesize in Gen 3:15. She even know why Jesus’s incarnation as a perfect person cannot through normal husband and wife birth by virgin birthday as such Jesus will be free from carrying original sin as a descendant of fallen human race. The Spirit seemed to have work in her heart touching her and rekindling her search for truth and love of God. She got a tract and promised to give it to her Christian Grandmom which hopefully will trigger another round of discussion and contemplation of the need of imperfect person to be saved by grace through faith.

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