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Wednesday 24 May 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday 24/5/2023 from 1300-1500

Johnny originally thought he would still be caught up in other matter as such sent me his apology to come. So, Amy and I start the ministry first. To our surprised Johnny quickly re-join us only half an hour later after his personal matter was done. Amy first served at the Western Bus stop and later moved to serve as the Easter Bus stop with Johnny and me left behind. Together, again the Spirit led us to have long and fruitful conversation with many non-believers. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung alone: -

1) The first woman I approached is from Cambodia ??? who said she had many chats with most of us before.??. Anyhow, I still managed to revise the message with her.
2) The next I approached was Brendon who claimed he had chatted with me at least five times before. He is an ABC with parents from Hong Kong and China. He claimed he has underst00d the full gospel but he still deemed his time to make the last step of faith has not come yet. I promise will keep praying for this last moment for him to come in His time.
3) Then I was moved to approach Wu ?from Mainland?? China with his partner. Initially he was very reluctant to listen but I use a soft approach to share my past experience in China for first earthquake relief then care for disabled orphans then Mr Wu ' attitude was changed to become receptive and listening the full Gospel. He even got both Chinese and English version of our tract. Pray for God's follow up work through the Spirit.
4) Then I got connected with to Taiwanese??. The younger one showed openness and willingness to listen the full gospel with an open mind and humble attitude. He took the tract and pray for God's follow up work.
5) Then I chatted with Catherine a Catholic Christian from Philippine. To mu surprised she has very clear understanding of the gospel with 100 % assurance of salivation. She was delighted to take a selfie with me.
6) Then the Spirit led me to pick up the same man from Xiamen?? I?chatted briefly. I was able to learn more about him who came to accompany his son for study???he said he has read the tract and find interest in it. So, I pray I can meet him again next week for more chat.
7) Then I connected with a young man from Chung Shan??. He sat at the very far side of the side bench smoking so that it will not affect another person. He was even willing to skip a bus to let me finish the full gospel and expressed a rational and open mind towards Christianity. Pray for another chance to chat next week. ?????????????
8 ) Finally , I had a longest chat first time with a German from Frankfurt. I quickly can identify with him with my past visit to Germany visiting my PHD brother studying and teaching there as well as my tourism visit including the historic breaking sown of the Berlin Wall. Joshua admitted he was a nominal Christian with no live connection with God in his grown-up life. But the Spirit led me to revive his soul to understand his once decision to accept Jesus is still for ever effective to be granted back the loss heavenly citizenship and the life of born-again Christians are all not yet perfect but needed to be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit back to perfection. I thus also helped him to re-establish the assurance of salivation and pray that he will be moved to reconnect with God personally first then back to have normal church life.

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