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Saturday 29 November 2008

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Saturday, 29 November, 2008
I was feeling ill this morning from all my work and ministry duties, so I had to take the morning off from witnessing on the Gold Coast. But, as the evening rolled around I found that I was well enough to head into Brisbane for another night of outreach.

The city was surprisingly busy when we arrived, which was a good sign as it meant that more people will get the hear the gospel. As we made our way to King George Square we handed out a few tracts, then we met for a time   of prayer, bible reading and fellowship.

As we headed back up into the Queen Street mall at 9pm, we saw a strange thing, the mall was very quiet. Which is something I had not expected since the car park was full.

The team went about handing out tracts and talking to people as we set up the Bible table and the preaching point. I noticed as we set up that Ryan was already in a conversation with a  group of middle eastern looking men. He seems to have a real knack at getting into one to one conversations.

Andrew Hsu was the first preacher up for the night, as he began to preach Alex the Agnostic appeared on the scene, this week not dressed as a pirate but rather in fairly normal garb. While Andrew and Alex had an open air discussion a couple of police officers rode past on bike, and didn’t pay that much attention to what was happening.

Hsusy kept on preaching for awhile, and then after about thirty minutes I noticed the police officers were back, and by the mere fact that they were both sipping coffees you could tell it was a quiet night. Then the Sergeant got off his bicycle and approached Hsusy and Alex. His intent was quite clear he was there to stop the preaching. He stated that it was a “breach of the peace” to have a discussion like this, and because they were using their hands while speaking that could be viewed as threatening. Both Alex and Andrew seemed rather surprised at this. The police officer wasn’t open to reason, and we tried to show him that what he was doing was actually violating the freedom that we had as citizens of Australia, his reply was “Tough, do you want to take this to court?”

The outcome was that Andrew and Alex were both issued move on orders and told to leave the Queen Street Mall or be arrested. I quickly called our Barrister friend and he stated that it didn’t seem right, but there was nothing we could do. I spoke to the police officer afterwards and told him that we would be continuing to preach and we would be speaking loudly. The rest of the night went with no problems.

After Hsusy was moved on Ryan preached for a while and he did a good job of declaring the gospel. It was then decided to put David Strachan up, and before he started to preach he made the statement that he didn’t have much to say. Well, he preached for about fifty minutes, if that is what he considers “not much”, then I would love to hear him preach when he has plenty to say!

The rest of the night was spent handing out tracts and talking one to one to people. In general it was a decent night, and many got to hear the good news of salvation.

 Soli Deo Gloria!

Full report with pictures:

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