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Wednesday 16 August 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Aug 16th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Today is Ekka Public Holiday, both Johnny and Qin Hao were occupied with their Sherwood Church holiday ministry with their church members. Therefore, I served solo at Sunnybank at ease and led by the Spirit. The last conversation with two Christians from mainland was apparently a God led ones. I finally invited them to attend our Sunday service for worship and fellowship. Recap is the Battle Log for today.

1) First rejected by an Indian look person for the reason being engaged in a phone conversation.

2) Then I was led to approach a big guy from Nanjing. ??He showed initial reluctance to chat , but I used my olden day travel experience in Nanjing to catch his interest and curiosity. Then I learned that he comes to do medical study at UQ but not intending to be a doctor. UQ ????. HIs heart was softened enough of the gospel but the bus came at this time. Still, it was a good preparation of heart for this 26 years old man.

3) Then I was led to approach a Japanese girl from Nara. She came for the study of English and it is really of preliminary level. Nevertheless, I used my limited Japanese to build the rapport and carry on with the gospel. Finally, I decided to give her my last Japanese tract to supplement her below standard listening ability. She at least was impressed by my enthusiasm to share here this important life issue. And I gave her one more English tract for her to use the tract to learn English.

4) Then I was led to connect with a Malaysia Christian from KL but lack assurance of salvation. Just have enough time to clarify the major misunderstanding.

5) Rejected by a couple of persons by silent ignorance pretending they do not speak either Chinese or English. But because of this I was led to catch up with two Chrisitan from China. One of them ??had actually been following me with his eye sight while he and ?? seemingly were also sharing gospel with another Chinese person.

6) I first hook up with Wang Chi?? from Shanxi??Tai Yuan??. I sensed that he is a Chrisitan that was why my action had caught his attention. Upon checking his assurance of salvation, it was a major lack of understanding. He claimed he has just move up to Brisbane from Melbourne and is looking for church. I referred and introduced majority of the churches in Sunnybank and Calamvale area but I was moved to invite him to come to CFC to have a look. He gladly accepted my invitation and I will come to pick him up at Sunnybank this Sunday.

7) Then Zhang Wah?? from Hubei?? Wuhan?? joined in the conversation. He seemed to be a more learned Chrisitan posting a lot of questions to verify if I am a fair dinkum Chrisitan and not a heretic. ON the same token, I also tested out his assurance of salvation which was same as ?? having major fallout from the orthodox teaching about salvation by grace thru faith. Anyway, they had to leave for another engagement so just pray that they will really honour their promise to come on this Sunday to CFC when we can have more mutual sharing on the Bible.

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