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Wednesday 23 August 2023

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023 from 1300-1500

Today, team work remained being between Johnny and Hung, all other regular gospel warriors were all not available. We more so thanks God for using us as His unmerited vessel to do His work. Both fo us had amble of chances to have gospel chats with those who were destined and elected by God to engage into conversation with us. Again, good team work was played out in between us referring gospel targets of our more related background to do the sharing. Battle Log of Hung is recap below for reference: -

1) The Mainlander lady I first approached only took a tract but had to leave for an Uber coming to pick her up.

2) An ABC Christian was about to test his assurance of salvation but no more time to do it.

3) A young lady Hou ?, ?? from Shanxi?? Tai Yuan?? is an UQ student doing International Business and Finance. Had a causal chat then hastily shared the nutshell of Gospel before the bus arrived and she too ka tract to read.

4) Then I was led to approach a young lady from Quanzhou???who is studying International Business at Griffith. ???? Again just shared the nutshell of Gospel when her bus arrived.

5) Then I was led to meet another Catholic Christian but he deemed to be relying on work. Made a brief clarification.

6) Sze?, an ex- Catholic Chrisitan??????claimed he has forsaken his original faith. for a reason I was yet to find out. ?????He however understood clearly the mechanism of Salvation.?????Anyway, he took a tract to read. ???

7) Then I caught up with Wong a Hong Konger????but is now living in Sydney??. She came to Brisbane on business?she advised she has no religion???, but was still open for Gospel sharing and took a tract afterwards. ??

8 ) Then I approached a Filipino Christian lady who only has 60 % certainty of salvation. I point out her problem and made her understand she was saved 100 % because of Jesus redemptive work as such she should have 100 $ assurance of salvation.

9) Next, Johnny referred a Cantonese speaking Vietnam Chinese to me??????????He has not heard the Gospel before ????? and was appreciative of the message and is willing to consider to accept Jesus as his Saviour. I took a selfie with him in case I can meet him next time for follow up.

10) Then I was led to approach a man from Spain. Just shared the Nutshell of the gospel to find he is a Catholic Chrisitan, yet no time to test assurance of salvation.

11) Then I caught up next with lady Huang from Keelung???,?????who came here fro English study. She has not heard of the Gospel before????and is willing to pursue this Chrisitan faith.

12) Next I chatted with a lady from Tapei?? Taiwan?she was willing to listen but remained sceptical.

13) I approached another Mainlander girl but she appeared indifferent

14) Finally , I had a long chat with Isa from Colombia of Catholic background. Again, clarified for her the assurance of salvation and took a selfie for future possible follow up.

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