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Wednesday 6 September 2023

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Battle Log of Operation 513 at Sunnybank on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2023 from 1300-1500

Today, again the Sunnybank team reduced to just having Johnny and Hung to serve. Basically, both of us had many long meaningful and fruitful conversations. I had an over 45 minutes chat with a Korean Chistian lady. She received Christ here on Brisbane and is pursuing her spiritual growth by associating with Power to Change in UQ. Her understand of faith is spot on that we are saved by grace through faith, but her understanding of assurance of salvation was off the mark having only 95% instead of 100%. It triggered a series of Q & A in theology and surprisingly she is well verses in many theological propositions. She was appreciative for having such a deep chat of the Bible and asked for a selfie with me in hope that God may lead us to meet somehow, somewhere in the future. Apart from this climatic divine encounter, I had other fruitful gospel sharing with non-believers especially those from mainland as recap below in the Battle Log.

0) Before we started at Sunnybank, I caught up with Sammuel a Chrisitan lay worker of BCCCC and has started his business to run a Japanese style Cafe at the Sunnybank Hill. Pray for Chrisitan witness in his secular work.

1) God moved me to catch up with Jenny from Korea and is a student of UQ having affiliation with power to change in the Campus. Pray that our apologetic discussion on many theological issues would help driving her to dig deep in her understanding of God's Will and Calling for her.

2) Hassel is an Australian born young girl with mixed blood of Greece and Spain. She was very friendly and showed willingness to listen to the gospel message. Pray that the tract she took will help her to revise the message leading her a step closer to final conversion as Chrisitan.

3)Two Mainlanders rejected politely

4) Repeatedly rejection by green lady and man in blue.

5) Roy an European look Filipino, thought I am a JW but seemingly his theology is not sound enough to discern the pure Christian faith. He anyway claimed he only uphold teaching in NT but not OT. I barely had time to follow on and clarified that it was not the problem of OT, just The Sect of Judaism that still denied Jesus is the Messiah.

6) Then I had a long chat with a Hkg’s lady who has come more than 30 years but still has no time to hear about the gospel. She has very few if not non-Christian friend. But she was very polite to hear the full gospel.

7) A young lady from Jiangxi ?? who is an UQ student of Finance. Perhaps because she was in full mask and with sun glass as such she was basically not recognizable. She listened to the full gospel with great interest which again was rare in mainlanders. Pray for God's follow up work in her heart.

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