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Saturday 27 December 2008

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Since Josh Williamson was away in the UK, Andrew Hsu and I led the Brisbane team. After some prayer and Bible reading, we started setting up in Queen Street Mall at 9pm. It was quiet night in the city, probably because everyone was at home resting after their Christmas celebrations. Although we did have about 10 people on our team, which was pretty good.

Dave Strachan, Andrew, and I took turns preaching and God saw fit to bring in a small crowd to listen at times. But no one heckled us, even when we preached about the atrocity of abortion. Although at about 11:30PM, I got up to preach again and almost immediately I was heckled by a young women who proclaimed that God did not exist. Her argument was that since the first law of thermodynamics states: "Matter cannot be created nor destroyed", therefore, the universe must have always existed. So I pointed out that the first law of thermodynamics does not disprove the possibility that the universe came into being. For when there was no universe, there were no physical laws (such as the laws of thermodynamics). So therefore, the first law of thermodynamics did not hold when the universe did not exist. Only once the universe came into being did it start holding. So therefore, God could create the universe and not break that physical law.

She then back-tracked and said that she never said that God does not exist. Although she did ask what evidence there was for God. So I briefly presented the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Right after this, it started pouring down rain. So we all ran undercover and Andrew and I continued to chat with her for another hour or so.

It was a good night, even though it was quiet, with the gospel going out in Brisbane city.

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