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Saturday 25 April 2009

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Saturday, 25th April 2009

Today the nation stopped out of respect for all those men and women who have laid down their lives for the freedom we enjoy in this greatest nation in the World. Since it was ANZAC day, I thought it would be good to preach on an ANZAC related text.

However, we tried something new tonight, for the first time we decided to have Andre sing and Joel to play guitar. They sung the song “The End of the Beginning” which is basically a gospel message in song. I must admit I was very sceptical about it. I didn’t believe that singing would work in Brisbane city. But I was glad to be proven wrong. As Andre sung and Joel played a crowd began to gather. The crowd grew and grew during the song. Once the song finished it was immediately handed over to me for the preaching. To my surprise no one left the crowd, but rather as I preached the crowd grew even more.

My text for the night was John 15:13, I started off by talking abut how amazing it is that someone would die for their friends, but then swung it to show that it is even more incredible to die for your enemies. That was the launch pad to show that Christ died for sinners even though we were His enemies.

For twenty minutes the crowd built and no one heckled. It was silent as people just stood and listened to the gospel. As Andre later described it, all you could see was wave upon wave of conviction on the faces of those listening. Towards the end of my message a couple of hecklers arose, however, their arguments were very weak and only lasted a few seconds. Nothing could stop the message of the cross. While I am not one for feelings, there was a different atmosphere, you could feel the Spirit of God moving on the hearts of those around about. Afterwards I was told that there was many professions of faith that night on the street. To God Alone be the Glory!

After this Andrew Hsu got up to preach, and he did a great job of making the gospel known. A small crowd gathered to listen and a few people heckled. During this time there were many one to one conversations occurring and many gospel tracts going out. The night was shaping up to be a very blessed evening.

By the end of the night we were all on a high after seeing God move, it was such a humbling thing to realize that God used us as mere created being to share the gospel with people who then responded to the call of repentance.

May God be forever praised!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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