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Saturday 23 May 2009

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Ryan talking to a bunch of youth at the start of the nightWhile in the process of setting up the free Bible table, I had a group of about 10 youth come up to me requesting free Bibles. So I asked them whether they thought they were good enough to get to Heaven. They all thought they were. Some also thought that because they go to Church, God will let them into Heaven. So I asked them whether they had lied, stolen, blasphemed, or looked with lust. They admitted they had, and so I warned them that were deserving of Hell because of that. This shocked them, as they had never been told of the Judgment of God before. So I then shared the gospel to them, about how the death of Jesus can save them from their sins if they would repent and trust in Him. As soon as I mentioned that they had to repent, some of them said, "No, I'm not turning from any of my sin". While others were very interested and even came back later in the night to have further conversations with us.

Blake open air preaching Paul reading the Bible publicly Rick reading the Sermon on the Mount Peter reading Matthew 6 publicly.

Ryan getting heckled by an angry manAfter this, Blake got up to preach a short message warning people of the coming judgment and the good news of the cross. Then Rick, Peter, Paul, Blake, and Joel took turns reading out Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). This was the first time Peter had done any sort of open air preaching/reading, and did well. But while Rick was reading his portion, two guys heckled him and so he chatted with them briefly and told them that he'd be able to chat to them after finishing his reading. So after reading his portion, he got down and had a chat with them. Alex heckling Ryan in Queen St MallHowever, 15 minutes later one of the hecklers that was chatting to Rick got angry and spat in Rick's face and started throwing things at him. This caused a bit of commotion, and out of the woodwork, Alex (the regular atheist heckler) appeared, and tried to get the heckler to settle down. But he didn't. By this time, everyone was looking at what was occurring and Joel had finished his portion of the Sermon on the Mount. Then the heckler shouted out, "Why is no one preaching now?" So I got up to preach about the day when everyone will have to give an account for the life that they have lived. He kept grabbing onto me and grabbing my Bible, so the police eventually came and locked him up. But thankfully God had used him to draw in a crowd in which I could preach the gospel to.

Alex also began heckling, stating that the universe does not exist. As he thinks that the amount of mater and antimatter is equal, thereby equalling zero. So I asked him, "Does the building behind you exist?". And he said it does. So then I pointed out to him that if there is something that exists within the universe, then thus the universe is not nothing, it is something. The discussion drew a crowd and gospel was preached.

Ryan Hemelaar preaching in Brisbane City while getting heckled

Jeremy street preachingAround this time, Josh Williamson and Andre arrived after being counsellors at the Will Graham crusade event.

Jeremy then got up to preach, Alex heckled him, but Jeremy did not engage Alex. He instead faithfully warned of the judgment to come and spoke of the cross of Christ.

Alex then got up to preach, standing on the seat next to our soap box while none of us were preaching. Except his message was atheism, not Christianity. We let him do it for a while and heckled him during the process. We tried using the same arguments back on him that he uses on us, to show the frivolity of his arguments. Such as, "I can't believe you would force your viewpoints upon us.", etc. It was really amusing, as even some atheists had a go heckling him.

Alex (the atheist) street preaching Alex (the atheist) getting heckled while open air preaching

Amy Barnard reading the Bible publiclyWitnessing encounterAmy Barnard also got the itch to read the Bible publicly, and so she read John 3. Max then read from latter portions of Romans 3. Both Max and Amy haven't ever done that before, and they both did really well.

To finish off the night, Andre got up to preach. In total, there were 10 people who preached (excluding Alex), and a lot of them were new timers. Praise God the gospel went out, even though there was a bit of rain about.

To God be the glory!

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