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Friday 4 June 2010

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Witnessing in EssexI began to evangelize this Saturday by myself but soon was met by Elyske and her mother Ingrid.  We were blessed by the fair weather and people were much more willing to engage in conversation.  Elyske had a long conversation with a gentleman who had deep rooted philosophical views.  She said that he began to listen when she talked about the Law of God and the Gospel.  She was not too sure how much he really took to heart but its still another seed sown for the Glory of God.  Ingrid was conversing a great deal with some Bolivian musicians who were busking on the High St.

I managed to have a number of conversations with pedestrians as they went about their business.  The first was two young teenage guys who had probably never heard the tremendous requirements of the Law of God.  They listened and went on their way.

Evangelising in EssexThen I met a paratrooper named Scott who stood and talked with me and really appeared to understand the seriousness of our conversation.  I encouraged him to read his Bible and read the Gospel of John and the tracks that I gave him.  I next met a fellow named Daniel who didn't wish to engage in conversation at first but after a bit of humour and persistence he opened up and we talked sufficiently about the things of God.  He took a track and I urged him to blow the cobwebs off his Bible and READ IT!!!

I also met a catholic woman who said I was "preaching to the converted"  when I spoke to her.  Sure enough when the Law of God was invoked, the self righteousness she clung too was swiftly demolished and her facial expression changed dramatically.  She took a track and we parted ways but I must remember that sometimes we need to be "cruel to be kind".  The truth is what matters, not supporting peoples idolatry as they get closer to the flames of Hell.

My Last conversation of the day was a fellow named Dave. He said he had "faith" but not "religious type faith".  I presume He meant he believed in God but did not have religious rituals such as catholics etc...  He was very easy to speak to and seemed quite aware of the implications of the truth of the Bible and the claims it was making on his life.  What great arvo of evangelism, it was probably our most enjoyable outing thus far and what a privilege it is to share the Gospel with this dying nation!!!

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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

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