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Saturday 3 July 2010

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We met a cafe nero Brentwood High st, for a quick revision of what the Gospel was and how we ought preach it.  The team consisted of Ruth, Nina and myself (Andrew).  After a brief chat and prayer we headed to the main pedestrian areas to try converse with people.

We all found people rather unresponsive but still managed to hand many tracts out.  I happened to run into a hare krishna who was also handing out books and chatting to folk.  Initially he didn't want to talk to me but after I offered to by a copy of the bhagavad gita he opened up a little. 

Ruth talking to a local...

His name was Prima and he was born into a hare krishna family. 

It was evident that Prima didnt like discussing the nature of truth or whether hare krishna beliefs were objectively valid, so I took the conversation very carefully so as not to challenge him with too much too quickly.  Surprisingly to me, he use certain Christian terms like "sin" and "repentance" and they appeared to carry the same definitions.

The major differences arose when the Moral Law was discussed and how one atones for their law breaking.  Prima felt that God was going to turn a blind eye to his sin and I gently tried to explain from Isa 64.6 and Mark 7.20-23 that both he and I are more wicked than he is concluding.  He felt that chanting his krishna lines dissolved his sin and he would get to a higher consciousness. 

Prima took a tract and I left him with a number of things to consider, but I'm quite certain he is very closed to the Gospel at this moment.  Only the Holy Spirit can do this impossible work!! Lord grant Prima repentance!!!  Amen.

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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

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