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Saturday 11 December 2010

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The snow had melted and the general public were in a shopping frenzy this particular Saturday.  I was greeted by Peter Ruck on arrival and we were both joined later by Ingrid and her daughter Elyske.  Tracts were easy to pass out since people appeared to be engrossed in a mind frame of consumerism as we approach Christmas Day.  I managed to have a conversation with a young man named Alex.  He began by saying he was an atheist but believed that when we die, we go to better place.  This is perhaps similar to Buddhism in that it does not have personal God that reveals Himself, but through moralism, one may attain a state of benevolence in the cosmos... 


We discussed the Law and the concept of justice and what happens in ultimate justice, instituted by God who will by no means clear the guilty!  Again, Alex like many others, felt that what he believed about reality would actually be true in his experience of it.  He also asked why God cannot just "forgive" and let everyone go free.  We discussed the need of Atonement for sin and the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross for his people.  This was to be entered into by repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.  Alex was very friendly and took a couple of tracts to read.


By Gods grace I manage to get large groups of teenagers to talk with and this day was no different.  A group of about 6 -7 teenagers took tracts and I began to ask them whether they felt they were 'good people'.  Some of the girls said they were fine to get into heaven so after we discussed the demands of the Law the depiction of their righteousness did change.  We discussed why we celebrate Christmas and what we have to do to get right with God.  SDG!!!ESSEX

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South-East England (UK) Team

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