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South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday 19 November 2011

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Today the team consisted of Roman, Elyske, Rob and Myself.  We spread out in our usual spot and began to hand out tracts to pedestrians.  Not long after we began, I approached a young couple sitting on a bench.  Chris and Ellie were their names and I began to share with them how we as Gods creatures, have all broken Gods Law.  Chris had quite a few questions regarding apologetic considerations and I attempted to answer them.  They both seemed quite happy to talk about religion and philosophy. I explained the Gospel to them, gave them a few more tracts and we amicably parted ways.


Later I came across a lapsed Catholic from Ireland.  He believed the Bible and what is said about humans and sin,  He also had a few questions regarding how the Bible and darwinian philosophy are compatible and I explained that they aren't!!!  He listened intently and took a tract from Creation Ministries International.  He was very interested in the topic, may God open his eyes to see!


Roman began a conversation with a Muslim named Hammed, which went on for over an hour.  Eventually Rob and myself went over to listen and began to add to the discussion.  Rob brought up a very powerful and logical argument against the Koran which made Hammed think a bit more regarding the grounds of his belief in Islam.  Unfortunately we had to go by that time and I gave Hammed a tract to take with him.  We had a great time sharing the Gospel today, may God grant repentance to those we shared with!!


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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

Meets regularly on Saturdays on the Romford Highstreet (in front of Marks and Spencer's).

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