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Wednesday 14 August 2013

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Today Josh and I went to Southend for outreach.  We found the High St and picked a good spot under the railway bridge so we could use the natural acoustics.  After lunch and prayer I began to preach my favorite sermon from Mark 7.  A number of people stopped to listen and a number of Christians were encouraged to hear the Bible being read on the street.  The commotion began to arise when an intoxicated American named Barry stood infront of me and facing the crowd began to swear and yell, "Jesus never existed" etc...  

This indeed brought many more people to come and listen but it did make preaching a bit more difficult.  It was clear that Barry did not want to dialog, he wanted a cause a scene and disrupt the preaching.  

After a little while, Barry chilled a tiny bit and a woman from the crowd was able to ask "if God exists why do bad things happen" aka " the problem of evil" question.  Barrys disruption made it possible for many more people to hear the Gospel and also for a number of conversations to be carried out after I had finished speaking.  Praise God!!!

After handing out some more tracts Josh preached and then Chuck joined us and he also preached.  The local authorities did approach us but did not infringe on our freedom of speech which was excellent!  

Josh preached once more and this time a number of reactions from the crowd began to happen with a number of explosive dialogs from pedestrians.  Most of the peoples arguments against Christ were arbitrary claims backed up by their own supposed autonomy.  

Many "arguments" consisted of variations of "No!! your wrong" spiced up with foul language.  This was the best the unbelieving world can provide against Christ...  After Josh finished, I managed to speak to a few more people and explain the absurdity of the non-Christian worldview and that "all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are deposited in Christ!!"  

At the very end of the day a man approached Josh and said he was a Romanian Orthodox but after listening to the preaching, he realized he was not a Christian and went and repented then and there!!  AMAZING!!  

Josh has posted a Romanian Bible to him and some other basic Christian materials for him to read.  We praise God for salvation is wrought by Him!! SDG

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South-East England (UK) Team

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