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Saturday 5 April 2014

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As we approach Easter and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, I thought it appropriate to read the story of the Crucifixion to the public.  So Chuck, Mario and I began this Saturday with prayer and found a new spot to preach away from the many buskers on Romford High St.  I read through the crucifixion narrative in Matthew's Gospel and transitioned into why it was necessary for Christ to die for salvation followed by talking about sin, death and repentance.  The pedestrians were fairly indifferent and easily distracted by the buskers who were much louder and excellent at "tickling the ears".  I finished and Chuck began to preach.  

While I handed out tracts I got into a conversation with a young man who eventually attempted to absolve his conscience from Gods Law by stating that "you don't know that the Bible is true".  At this point the Christian apologist may be tempted to give "evidence" in a neutral fashion and take for granted the unbelievers autonomy in "knowing" things.  That unbiblical apologetic puts God "in the dock" and clandestinely makes the unbeliever the judge of what is true.   Rather than this, I gently exposed to the man that if the Biblical Worldview was not true, he could not "know" anything at all.  And because he does know things, he is exposing the knowledge of God that he already possesses and is guilty of suppressing the truth - Romans 1.  At that point he was very eager to exit the conversation and promptly left.

Chuck preaching...

After Chuck, Mario also preached.  I also preached a second time but there were no good hecklers by which a crowd may be formed.  However we so very blessed and thankful that no police stopped us or hassled us and that we can still preach freely!!  Glory to God!

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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

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