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Saturday 7 February 2015

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Open air preaching in AustraliaWe were lighter on team numbers this Saturday night in Brisbane, but the gospel was proclaimed nevertheless. 

A number of people were asking good questions as I preached the gospel. There was one gentlemen I noticed was listening the whole time, but he was standing quite a distance away. So after I finished preaching, I went to talk to him. He was a lecturer at a Catholic theological college.

It was very hard to determine exactly what he believed as he wouldn't give straight forward answers. He didn't seem to align himself with the common erroneous beliefs of Catholicism. But eventually he said that he believes that showing love to people is what will save him. He said it is faith and works.

When I showed him parts of the Bible where it says we are saved by grace through faith, he kept dismissing it saying that that was just for that culture. And he didn't think there was any need for a person of another religion to leave their religion and come to faith in Christ, and he doubted the existence of Hell.

So I pointed him to some Scriptures and warned him that he is in a dangerous position, denying essential truths of Christianity. His name is Shane. Please pray for him.

Please also pray for a lady from Norway who has been employed as a youth worker in her Protestant church for 7 years, and still has that job. She had no idea of how to get to Heaven. When I went through the law of God, she said, "Only murderers won't go to Heaven. God doesn't mind the other things we do."

When I quoted Matthew 5:48 where Jesus says we must be perfect, she said that she doesn't believe the whole Bible. Then she asked whether I believed Jesus walked on water. I said "Of course". She said that she doesn't believe that - he was simply standing on ice. She held on to her pride and wouldn't let go of the fact that she is a good person and that's why God would let her into Heaven.

Please pray for a young guy named Case. He is a Muslim. I went through the commandments with him, he saw his sin, but then pointed to his good works. I made clear that justice doesn't work by a judge looking at a person's good deeds compared to their bad deeds. He seemed to understand that, and so I explained how the only way to Heaven is by having a perfect person who can take our Hell punishment for us on our behalf. 

He appeared to get it, but resorted to "We'll find out who is right one day". After reasoning with him further, he was clearly thinking about what he was hearing. And he was willing to take a Bible.

Praise be to God for another wonderful night!

Preaching in Queen Street Mall Gospel Conversation

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