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Thursday 26 February 2015

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The fields are white for harvest! This was again evident during our outreach this afternoon at Sunnybank.

Many good conversations were had and lots of gospel tracts were handed out.

Please pray for:

• Jack & Mirah - two school kids, came to understand the gospel. As Jack was hearing the gospel he was saying, "Wow, that makes sense."

He told me that his dad died and since then he has been thinking about what comes after death. He said he even tried googling to find the answer. They both were very appreciative of the chat.

• Editaa - have talked before, he has been reading the gospel of John I gave him. He has Hindu parents. His parents said he can only read the Bible for education purposes and is not allowed to become a Christian.

So I encouraged him to keep reading the Bible and talked about how our love for Christ should far exceed even the love we have for our parents in that if they are preventing you from becoming a Christian, you should become a Christian anyway. He understood that and said that he has got some serious thinking to do.

• Calvin - initially said "I will go to Heaven because I've been nice". Was intently listening as I went through the law and the gospel. Gave him a gospel of John.

• Lachim - Have talked before, he says he is not ready to come to Christ because he loves his sin.

• Kevin - would go and count the cost. Gave him gospel of John.

• Claire - high school, intently listening.

• Shaun & Justin - school kids, said they would repent and trust in Christ.

Praise be to the God of all!

Photo: Col handing out some of the Biggest Problem gospel tracts.

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