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Saturday 13 June 2015

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Preaching the Gospel in QueenslandWe thought tonight was going to be a quiet night, however, as my previous post made clear it certainly wasn't! 

The night started a bit slower than usual due to the rain showers, however, there still was a number of people out in the Queen Street Mall, so we continued the outreach. 

The team set up, and almost immediately we began having conversations. People were taking tracts, and many wanted to talk. 

It was also good that tonight we were able to encourage a few of the men in the team to get up and read the Bible in public for the first time. After, we had read the Scriptures, I preached on Matthew 7:13-14. As I preached, I had a couple of hecklers stop to ask questions. Sadly, a professing Christian took offence at our preaching and drove the hecklers away as I was sharing the Gospel with them. She came up and said to them, "God loves you" and that was it. Sadly, this well meaning lady drove away people who were about to hear the Good News that Christ can forgive sinners. 

After the preaching was when things really heated up. While the team was handing out tracts a group of about twenty Muslims of Middle-Eastern appearance walked by. They were offered literature, but they refused, and began to curse Christianity. They yelled out a few things about Muhammed, and then began to make threats towards us. They threatened physical violence because we are Christians. 

The gang walked away, so I spoke to two Police Officers about the situation. While I was talking to them the gang returned, surrounded us and continued to make threats. The Police drove the gang away, and then it was arranged that Police would send more Officers to the area to keep us safe. The Queensland Police Service did a wonderful job in ensuring our safety. We are thankful for their service. 

What we saw tonight with the threats from these young Muslims men is true and consistent Islamic belief. Islam always opposes by force those who would disagree with them. The West needs to wake up and realise that Islam seeks to dominate by force, and will be a major threat to our freedoms. My prayer is that Islam will be stopped through the preaching of the Gospel, and that these young men that threatened us would come to know Christ.


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