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Monday 7 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday afternoon we had a team of four members for the first time and it was a blessing, not only were they many more people around catching busses but there were more of us to talk to them as well!

I talked to a young man called kyano and he thought he wasn't too bad. He even professed that God should let him into Heaven. After a run through the law he admitted and realised his sinfulness and that he couldn't get to Heaven.

But the Gospel, the Good news of Jesus Christ took much longer to sink in, he wanted to trust in works, or asking forgiveness or stopping sinning and things like that, he didn't want to have to trust in Jesus Christ.

But I explained why Jesus was thinking only way and after a few runs through of the repentance on belief and the life change that should bring about he was able to repeat back the way of salvation.

He has heard the Gospel and said he would consider it, please be praying that God uses this encounter to change His life that be may come to repentance!

I talked to Linda then, who said she wasn't sinful, deserved Heaven but decided she wanted to go to Hell. She professed Catholicism and was very muddled in what she was saying.

I talked to Ethan a young man who heard the law, heard the conviction of the fact that not one of us live up to God's perfect standard.

When then spent much time discussing why we believe the Bible, some apologetics, what reasons do we have to believe in God and the like and by the end he said he would have to consider it all. He admitted he sort of wanted to live for himself but we had put some thought in His mind.

We shared with Him the way of salvation and he left seemingly pondering the message he had heard.

Please keep these men and women on prayer and the others that we talked to, commuting them to God, for we know He is sovereign, we know all things work according to His will.

Please pray for the team as we continue to go out that we will be good ambassadors for Christ, doing well in defending the Gospel and preaching the truth.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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