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Monday 21 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday there were not many around as the normal school traffic was gone, this meant there were less people to choose from but still, by God's grace we were not short of people to talk to, there were still many freely wanting to converse.

I first talked to a man named Brett, he had grown up in the Catholic church and told me that he was too sinful to get to Heaven, he said this had worried him and definitely made him sad.

I looked at him, smiled and asked if there was a way to heaven if he would be interested no matter the cost?

And he said definitely, I asked what he thought it might be and he said always being good and we discussed how Justice works that someone needs to pay for his sin and he got that I was meaning that there was someone but he didn't know who it was.

When I said the name of Jesus Christ he was a little surprised but I explained who Jesus was, God come as a man, perfect in every way without sin and who died the death we deserve.

He said he definitely wanted a saviour but just at this point his bus arrived, I offered him a Gospel of John and a tract and he headed off.

I then talked to a young lady, Dallas on her way to work, she said she never really believed in God, when I asked why she said 'science', we discussed briefly what science is and she said maybe God does exist.

I challenged her with God's law and whether or not He'd let her into Heaven and she admitted that she probably couldn't get in, but she also was still a bit skeptical of God.

I shared with her the Gospel and she said she would consider it but wasn't overly confident in it.

I then talked with a young man who pulled every single reason to not believe in God that he had, many of which contradicted each other.

He said, science has disproved God and we discussed that. Then he claimed that God couldn't exist because there is so much evil in the world, we discussed the problem with that claim.

Then he said God is immoral and hates people, and we discussed that. We continued in loops, me answering his questions and queries and problems until the point where he said, I can't believe in a God that won't let me do what I want.

And that was very sad he had the Gospel, the way of salvation explained to him numerous times throughout the conversation but he wanted his own way and to not be subject to God.

I also talked to two young men, Ryan and Kyle who both go to a Catholic school and I asked them what would get them to Heaven, they said their good works.

We discussed the law, and our guilt before God, then I asked them what could pay for that and they said works, which I then used the court room analogy, do good things pay for speeding fines?

And of course not, good works don't remove guilt. So then we discussed someone having to pay the fine and yeah they agreed, so I ask them who is paying your fine of sin before God?

They weren't sure, I said that the Bible says, the wages of sin is death, in the eternal lake that burns with fire and sulfur.

I said only two people can pay that, either ourselves or Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.

They said they want Jesus to pay for their sin! So I offered them the Gospel and we discussed the urgency of it and the importance of the surrendering to Christ as we don't know when we will have tomorrow.

Please pray for those whom we talked to, may God use the conversations we had about Him to His glory bringing many to salvation.

Please pray that the angry and closed off people who threaten violence or aggression will be convicted of their sin and turn and trust in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the team as we continue to head out!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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