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Thursday 24 September 2015

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At Sunnybank yesterday the afternoon had a low but steady number of people, we engaged a few as they walked past.

It is a place that has many different people, from Buddhists, to Muslims, to Catholics, to the JW's and Mormons, as well as the skeptics and atheists.

Over all it is a 'spiritual' place, many people think they will be getting to heaven on their own achievement, many people are somehow 'earning' they way into the mercy of God.

Especially the Mormons we talked to, they use many single verses, pull them out of the Bible and use it for the defense of extra biblical doctrines, a previous spirit world, a chance for Heaven after death, baptism being apart of salvation and many other things.

They use the same words as Christians but define them to mean different things.

There are a range of groups of Mormons around and we have spent time talking to most of them on a range of issues but they still valiantly as ever deny Jesus Christ's complete work but have to also show their faithfulness to earn salvation.

I also talked with a young couple briefly about the way to Heaven, they were saying that any God who exists should see their true intentions and let them into Heaven.

I asked them what their true intentions were and they told me, to love and serve people. I looked at them and went through the Law. Then I said why would people who's intentions are good do these things?.

They had no answer, sadly they had to run off before we could finish but may they think about and dwell on that thought.

Please pray for those who heard the Gospel, for the tract takers and those who read the sign, may God use our witness to save lives.

Please pray for the labourers as we continue to evangelise that we will remember from where we came and who our God is that saved us, so that we many humbly preach the truth of God in love!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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